Motor Profile: BMW Z4 M Coupe

By Jillian Smith
September 22, 2006

Speeding in for the No. 1 spot of top BMW sports cars, the 2006 Z4 M Coupe is one hot item. With its sleek and unmistakable look, there’s no wonder why this car is high in popular demand.

Although in the real world, the BMW 2006 Z4 M Coupe is an extremely popular car, how would it fare with Cabrini students? Out of 25 male students asked if they would ever drive this car, 24 wide-eyed males immediately said yes.

When asked what they liked about the BMW, most of the Cabrini students gave a blank stare, as to say, “It’s a BMW, duh!” While most of the males agreed with sophomore criminology major K.C. Krupski, “The look of the car is badass,” the others agreed with senior graphic design and philosophy major Kevin Connolly, that the BMW is a “nice car, and it’s bound to drive well.”

One lone student, however, said no, he would never drive the Z4 M Coupe if he had the chance. When asked why he didn’t find the new BMW attractive, Ryan Barrett, a sophomore exercise science major, said, “I don’t like the look if it, [especially] the style.” According to Cabrini male students, this car can generate a love/hate relationship.

Now, for the females, a different approach was taken. Instead of asking if the Cabrini females would drive this car, the question was “If an “okay” (not ugly, not great looking) guy asked you out on a date and you said no, but then realized he drove the new 2006 BMW Z4 M Coupe, would you change your mind and reconsider the date?” Oddly enough, out of 18 females asked, 12 said no, while 6 said yes, they would reconsider.

According to sophomore elementary education major Sarah Codd, “It doesn’t matter what he drives.” Most of the females who said no also agreed with this statement, and that a guy they date is chosen for his personality not his looks, nor the car that he drives. Some girls even went as far as to say “I don’t like BMWs” so no matter what he drove, the car didn’t really matter to them.

“If I’m on the borderline of liking him or not liking him, then I’d say yeah. It’s only one date!” said Danielle Rende, a sophomore elementary education major.

All six girls who said yes all had the same answers as to why they would reconsider. However, when asked for a quote, most shook their heads and said “No!” Nevertheless, one sophomore female did decide to let her quote be used but not her name because she thought she would seem shallow, said, “I’d let him take me for a ride!”

The new 2006 BMW Z4 M Coupe is creating a buzz around campus. Is it worth driving? Is it worth one date with a guy you would normally never date? According to Cabrini Students, all answers lead to YES!

So men, start your engines. According to Cabrini students, the BMW Z4 M Coupe will always come in first.

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Jillian Smith

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