Most pointless expenses of 2003

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January 29, 2004

10. The random computer in the Founder’s Hall lobby
Pointless, considering there are computer labs in Founder’s and in the library right across the street.

9. The bookstore renovation
OK, it’s more colorful. But, isn’t the lack of space the issue?

8. The high-tech soda machine in Grace Hall
There are no soda machines in non-residence halls except for the one soda machine in Grace Hall. Not only is it in a very inconvenient spot, but it’s the only one on campus and most students do not even know it exists.

7. The new circular track-lighting in the Chapel
Now, let’s think about this. The Chapel is a place of worship, not a circus.

6. Extra construction parking on the men’s lacrosse field
The construction workers have to park somewhere. Why does one of Cabrini’s top sports teams has to give up its field for parking. Besides that, how about added parking for the PAYING students? Throw some gravel down on the lawn of one of the houses and call it parking. It would be the same thing.

5. The NO DRINKING sign
OK, sports fans drink. This is a dry campus, excluding the dorm rooms who occupy 21-year-old students. We get it. No drinking. Is a sign that necessary? Spend the money on a turf field, Athletics.

4. The blue-light Emergency boxes less than 100 feet from the houses
If there was an emergency that caused you to use one of the new call-boxes located on Residential Boulevard in front of Houses 2 through 6, it would be just as easy for a person to call Public Safety from their house. Regardless of the situation, Public Safety would not arrive for at least a good half hour anyway.

3. The brown signs
You drive onto our beautiful campus, up the windy driveway, looking for the Admissions Office. WAIT! There it is; the ugly, plastic, brown campus directory sign. Not only are they putrid, but didn’t they go out in 1980? How about at night? It is impossible for a visitor to see them without a spotlight on them.

2. The BANNER system
Enough said.

1. Hiring a Public Safety officer who is scarier than the actual criminals on campus.

*The above opinions were taken from several conversations involving Cabrini staff, faculty and students. Feel free to e-mail your opinions or any “Top 10” topic ideas to Jana Fagotti, managing editor,

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