More than just an actor in the play of life

By Melani Gomes
February 12, 2004

Angelina Wagner

When I first applied to Cabrini as a freshman, the first thing I looked for was to see if there was a theater department.

Many colleges have a program but don’t often perform shows, or have a difficult time finding students willing to perform. As a second year student now, I am thrilled to know that we do have a theater department and many of my fondest memories when I leave here will no doubt be that of performing in the shows.

One production I am excited about is a play going to be performed in the spring here called “Musical Chairs” by Michael D. Rock. What makes this show so unique is that it is a chance play with 20 possible scenes, and being performed by the actors, it could change at any given time based on the actors’ performance and how the audience takes to it.

It is going to be performed in late March, and I feel students will become more interested in this play than others because it will be different each time you see it. It reminds me somewhat of a choose-your-own-adventure book, in that the ending of a particular scene can change the entire course of the play.

When I first learned of the show, I was excited, and even more so when I got the part as Anne, the wife of one of the main characters in the show.

Due to many experiences like this one, I feel grateful to Cabrini, that it offers such a wide variety of opportunities for students to use their talents.

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Melani Gomes

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