Mont Tremblant: student’s unforgettable experience

By Nina Scimenes
February 3, 2005

Mark Garlit

“Bonjour,” the maitre’d said as we were greeted at our hotel after a 15 hour bus ride to Mont Tremblant, Quebec. The long travel time was well worth the week long stay in Canada. This winter break my expectations of a ski vacation were well excesses. I was one of 23 people who were set out on an adventure planed by Cabrini’s ski club. I can honestly say that this was my favorite week away from home because of the memories and new friends I took back with me. Oh yeah, and not to forget mentioning new skiing skills and French vocabulary.

The scenery on the road to the ski village we stayed in was simply breathtaking. Our hotel, the Hilton, was conveniently located. It was at the bottom of the slope, ski-in/ski-out. The gondola to the top of the mountain was right outside the doors of the hotel. We were more than pleased with our accommodations, which included a full kitchen and fireplace.

After dressing myself in multiple layers and struggling to snap on my snug ski boots, I was ready for the slopes. I’ll never forget my feelings during the first run down the mountain. The feeling was so surreal. I felt like I was in the middle of a beautifully designed snow globe. Surrounding me was nothing but snow covered mountains. Once I got to the bottom of the slope I was in shock when I was told that I just skied down a two-mile run.

Each afternoon of skiing was followed by a relaxing time at Le Shack, our favorite restaurant and bar in the village right next to our hotel. This is where we got our taste of French culture, Labatt Bleue! A few advantages of being in Canada were the drinking age and the exchange rate. It was easy to forget that we were in another country because it felt so welcoming, but we were quickly reminded when our waiter greeted us in French.

Towards the end of the week when our muscles were sore from skiing down the slopes we treated ourselves to a day at the spa. We took a taxi from our hotel to the Spa Le Scandinave, only a ten minute ride. This was no ordinary spa; it was more like a resort. The facilities were very impressively clean, comforting and relaxing. It was an outdoor and indoor spa, which included several hot tubs only feet away from deer frolicking in the snow. One of the hot tubs was the size of a backyard pool with a waterfall in it.

The nightlife in Tremblant was absolutely thrilling! It might have helped that it was college week. Many colleges on the East Coast planned trips this same week. A few of us, including myself, even ran into friends that we graduated high school with. This made the vacation feel even more at home. There were many bars and clubs that we danced and socialized at until dawn. The club scene is not much different than here in the U.S. People were drinking, dancing on the bars and just having an enjoyable time. The walk from our hotel to the bars was not far at all but the walk back felt like forever because it was up hill. Just imagine watching a group of college students attempting to walk up an ice-covered hill. I shouldn’t even call it walking. It was more like ice-skating without the skates. But we managed to make it home safely each night and do it all over again the next.

The last night was one of the most memorable nights we spent in Canada. A large group from Cabrini went out to dinner and we all dreaded leaving the next day. We all grew a little closer to each other this week and couldn’t have asked for a better time. Thanks Joe Coyle for orchestrating such a successful trip!

I highly recommend going to Canada with Cabrini’s Ski Club next year to anyone who is interesting in having a fun experience. The trip is a great opportunity to take advantage of while in college. I plan on incorporating it in my winter break next year too. You do not even have to have any skiing abilities to enjoy the scenery, the social scene and course, Le Shack!

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Nina Scimenes

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