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By Shane Evans
October 14, 2005

When it comes right down to it, there are a few things in this world that we depend on. There are the obvious things like air and water and the sun. They basically keep us alive. But that’s a given.

Then we have friends and family, the people we trust. We need those people in our lives to help us with our problems and to support us when we need it. That is also a given.

Finally, we have that one thing everyone needs. Everyone has to have it to survive in one way or another. Everyone wants to have more of it. It’s pretty much one of the most essential things in life: money.

Money is, without a doubt, a huge factor in any college student’s life, not to many any other human being. When you have it, life seems easier, and when you don’t, well, once again, that’s a given.

If you are your typical college student, money is something that comes and goes quite frequently, and plays a huge roll in your everyday life. Many students will tell you that when it comes to cash, living at school will have you living the hard-knock life.

“It’s just so much easier to spend money while I’m at school because I have so much more freedom than I do at home. A quick trip to Wawa or ordering some food from Campus Corner basically runs me dry. At home, there is food in the house or I can get my parents to cook for me. Basically, the majority of my money goes to food,” students said.

Many of the students here at Cabrini agree with sophomore English communication major Joe Zahn. Food is one of the most fiscally draining things to deal with at school, which is pretty bewildering being that we have dining services at our disposal.

Not to mention the fact that one of the biggest malls in the whole country is less than ten minutes away from campus. That takes a big chunk out of the budget of many of the student body.

Annette Donato, a sophomore accounting major concurs, “Being at Cabrini with access to a debit card and no parents to yell at you every time you use it is hard. Especially with campus corner, Wawa runs, and the KOP mall right down the road…I find the easiest way to not spend a lot is to only carry around the necessary few dollars, and leave the debit or credit cards in a drawer.”

That, however, is easier said than done for the majority of the student body. Marvin Webster, a sophomore bio/pre-med major has a more simplistic and philosophical approach to holding onto his ‘dinero.’

“Spend within your means, take care of your needs first, then your wants,” he said.

If we all could live like that, there would be a lot less ‘mooching’ going on, and a lot more happy students. Granted, many of us work for a living, which does ease the stress on our pocketbooks, but the fact that we live alone and have the freedom to spend sporadically, will always guarantee that the good old green-backs will never stay in our possession for too long.

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Shane Evans

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