Monday Mile Walk

By Jennarose DiGiacomo
September 25, 2012

Beautiful didn’t even come close to describing the weather on Monday, Sept. 24. The weather couldn’t have been a better day for a nice walk through Cabrini’s campus.

Jess Huda, fitness coordinator for the Dixon center, leads the Monday Mile walks that happen every week. From 11:30 a.m. till noon, Huda takes whoever is standing outside Cavs corner on a light but refreshing walk around Cabrini’s campus. “It’s a huge stress reliever,” Huda said.  “It gets you away from the desk and it helps you to relax.”

Every week three women also join Huda. Among them are Jackie Neary, Karen Bonner from athletics and recreation, and Carol Bobrowski from Human Resources. “It’s a nice escape from the office,” Neary said. “It’s even better when the walk promotes a special event.” The events include a cooking demonstration from Chef Rodney, who gives ideas on healthy eating, and sometimes there are even guest speakers to help promote health and wellness.

 “Usually there are bigger turnouts for the walk when it’s linked to a special guest or event,” Bonner said. The women don’t mind though. They’ve been doing the Monday mile walk every week for four years now. They also do it to support Huda in her efforts to get more employees out of the office and moving around campus. Huda wants to get those that are not involved with the Dixon Center to come and join her for a healthy half hour walk. It’s a great way to start off a not so exciting Monday.

“Walking every day is the easiest thing possible to do, and by walking a mile each week helps to start of your week on the right foot,” Huda said. 

Jennarose DiGiacomo

Cabrini College '15,
Lifestyles Editor
Creator and Host of the show Bless Your Heart

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