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By Nicholas Rayner
March 21, 2012

MLB The Show released on March 6 featuring Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez.

MLB The Show 2012 is a great game. The cover features Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. The release date of the game was March 6, 2012. If you like baseball, you will love to play MLB The Show. The Show is a great way to play with your favorite players and teams. The graphics in this game are unbelievable. From the stadiums, to the players’ features and team uniforms, MLB The Show has it covered. MLB The Show makes it feel like you are watching a real baseball game.

MLB The Show is considered to be a great video game franchise. This year is no different. The Show continues to impress its fans by releasing another fantastic addition. Players look real, with graphics that capture their personalities and emotions all throughout the game. New additions, like pitcher’s and catcher’s reactions to hits, add a different element to The Show. Another addition is ball movement. When the ball is hit in play it will be unpredictable and will have rotation on it that can make it harder on the players to field. In years past, a hit ball would have no rotation, making it a lot easier to catch. My experience with this new mode has been a tough adjustment because a ball can elevate and sink at anytime making it hard to make a play.

Another addition To MLB The Show is the new pitching control mode called “pulse pitching.” Unlike previous games with the pitching meter, there is now a pulse circle that appears on the screen and shrinks as the ball travels to the plate. As the game becomes more intense, your pulse will rise. You have to time your pitches when the circle is at its smallest to gain the most power and accuracy. It’s an easier way to pitch and it makes every at-bat faster. The pulse mode provides a quicker pace to the game. MLB The Show also features a 3D mode for all systems that can be used for everything. The 3D mode allows you to play the game and see all the different angles it can offer.

MLB The Show 2012 has all of the same game modes as previous games, such as a franchise, career and Road to The Show. The only new game mode, Diamond Dynasty, allows you to create your own team by using custom made players, role players and superstars. The way you put together your roster is by baseball card packs you earn through your profile. You unlock card packs by achieving a certain amount of points you earn from milestones achieved by playing different game modes. What makes Diamond Dynasty different from other games modes is that you’re able to take your card collection, go online and trade with other game players. This is something new that has never been featured in any other mode. Being able to trade your cards online adds a different element that attracts more online users to the game.

MLB The Show is a great game. I highly recommend buying it because you will gain a lot of knowledge about baseball by playing. You will also get a variety of modes to play in that will interest anyone. If you never played a baseball game but you are a fan, you should definitely buy MLB The Show 2012 because it will impact your views on video games forever.

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Nicholas Rayner

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