Mission: Get organized

By Amanda Finnegan
April 27, 2006

Matt Schill

As the warm weather slowly starts to creep in, frantic students begin to realize that they have to trudge through final exams before they can even think about lounging poolside. For some, an A has gotten them exempt from finals but for most Cabrini students, procrastinating and scrambling to get those final projects and papers done is the plan for the remainder of the semester. Organization and time management seems to be just as difficult as that 8 a.m. religion final.

Wendy Whitekettle, an academic counselor at Cabrini, said they key to acing finals is to stay on top of things. “Don’t procrastinate! It’s not too late to turn around your semester. Now is the time to go to tutoring, see your teachers and go to an academic counselor. If you make a plan now, you will be in better shape and less stressed” Whitekettle said.

Whitekettle also added that a great way to stay organized is to carry a planner and said it’s the best way to keep track of dates and appointments.

For the more technologically advanced students, palm pilots and Blackberries are other options. Even iPods come equipped with calendars so students can listen to music and plan their month.

Another skill that some students have yet to master is time management. “I give my students weekly time charts. These charts help you to look at where your time is going every week. It helps you see where you have holes in your schedule and might be able to have time for yourself. I even use them myself,” Whitekettle said.

Human resources management sophomore Gabe Valentino said, “I take time to split everything apart and make sure I have enough time to do everything I need to do.”

Whitekettle also stresses the importance of relaxation and making sure you have time to yourself. “First of all, make the decision to take you work seriously but be relaxed. This means keeping sugar and caffeine intake low, keeping a regular sleep pattern and staying physically active,” Whitekettle said.

Grocery stores like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s carry healthy alternatives to the late night vending machine raids. Whitekettle suggests the fruit leathers or Pirate Booty that both stores carry.

Valentino agrees that it’s important to take a break every once in a while. “Take some time away from homework. I watch TV, listen to music or just chill,” Valentino said “Anything to get my mind of studying.”

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Amanda Finnegan

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