Mingkuang Luo ‘world class tennis player’

By Morgan Miller
March 26, 2009

Mingkuang Luo, sophomore finance major, proves himself time and again on the tennis courts.

For the past nine years, Luo has been practicing to perfect his tennis skills.

Luo’s continuous practice showed in his participation in many United States Tennis Association tournaments.

He ranked 10 in the Mid-Atlantic boys under 16 tournament, as well as in the top 50 in the nation for boys under 14, and of that while in high school.

Originally from Beijing, China, Luo moved to Washington, D.C., where he attended St. Albans High School and played four years of varsity tennis.

Luo explains that this motivation to excel on the tennis court comes from a passion within him and a presence on the court.

“When I am on the tennis court, there is already an urge of energy,” Luo said.

Luo explains that not just anyone can be a good tennis player.

“It’s a great sport and it’s not something where you can just pick up a racket and start hitting tennis balls and be good at it,” Luo said. “I would suggest if you want to play tennis, you can start by joining a tennis clinic or getting some private lessons from a tennis coach or pro.”

Assistant coach for the men’s tennis team Jack Keller explained that Luo is not just simply a good tennis player.

“Ming is a great kid and an outstanding tennis player. In fact, he is a world class tennis player,” Keller said.

“In practice, Ming works hard but he is also very serious about his studies,” Keller said. “He always has his priorities straight when it comes down to what needs to get done in the classroom, and then he works on what needs to get done on the tennis court.”

Keller explains that the Cabrini’s men tennis team is very lucky to have Luo as a teammate.

“His ability on the tennis court inspires all the other guys around him. He is a great talent and our team is lucky to have him,” Keller said.

Luo explains that he prefers singles to doubles; however, Keller makes it clear that Luo is great in doubles because he has the ability to work well with others while still being able to take over the match and perform well.

As for the future, both Luo and Keller look forward to Luo’s participation on the men’s tennis team.

“Ming will be an important part of our program during his four years here at Cabrini,” Keller said. “Considering the type of talent he is and his ability to compete with all the top players on every team we play.”

Luo supported Keller’s statement and added that he is very enthusiastic about the next season.

“I am really looking forward to this season as we are picked to win our conference,” Luo said. “Hopefully we will w

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Morgan Miller

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