Midnight Madness a success

By Cecelia Francisco
October 30, 2003

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Loud cheers, feet stomping, and the sounds of a man regurgitating; all of these were prominent sounds protruding from Midnight Madness which took place in the Dixon Center on Saturday, Oct. 25.

The night began with Stevie Starr, the human regurgitator. With the help of some audience members, Starr swallowed many objects such as a light bulb, 10 $1 coins, a Rubik’s cube, which went in solid and unturned and came back up with the colors turned, and of course, he swallowed some fish.

The crowd cringed as he gagged down some butane gas before an audience member flicked his lighter that exploded a ball of gas into the air.

“It’s cool, but it makes me want to vomit.” sophomore English/communications major Marisa Gallelli said, looking ill.

Last Saturday night’s festivities did not just involve a man who could successfully regurgitate two goldfish back into their bowl, but also showcased the second faculty-student basketball game.

The friendly rivalry kicked off around 9:30 p.m. The rambunctious crowd cheered and some danced to the music that was blaring along with the game. By the end of the first of two 20-minute halves, the score was 22-18, with the students leading.

During the second half, the crowd sung along to Bryan Adam’s “Summer of ’69” with 17 minutes and 45 seconds left in the game. The buzzer blasted loudly signaling the end of the game. The faculty crushed the students for the second year in a row with the final score being 54-47, with the faculty winning.

“I thought the students would win,” freshmen Katy Kidell said, looking at the scoreboard.

After the game, the Campus Activities and Programming board sponsored a three-point shot competition. Nicole Martinelli and Bill Lahey competed in the event. Lahey won with 34 points. Also, there was a foul shot competition which Erik Garrillo and Camuel Gonzalez competed in. Gonzalez won, winning a pair of Philadelphia 76ers tickets and also $100. Though Erik Garrillo came in second, he also won a pair of 76ers tickets.

Junior history major, Will Harmon, who also played on the student team during the faculty-student game, was picked to throw a full-court shot worth $10,000. He fell short by only a few feet.

At 11:00 p.m, the introduction of both the women’s and men’s basketball teams brought roaring cheers from the crowd. After a quick scrimmage between the two teams, in which the men’s team sported boxing gloves, the final score was 50-24, with the men winning.

During the night, a chain link of construction paper chains that members of each class bought for 35 cents a piece was constructed. Members of the Student Government Association stretched the chains, each chain the color of each class. The green chain, which was the freshmen class, won. As a result, their chain was pulled and broken. Tia Long’s link was the link that broke, winning her 50 percent of the proceeds from the links.

The dance team, led by juniors Kendall Neil and Alicia Delpizzo, rocked the Dixon Center with the showcase at midnight to cap off Midnight Madness.

“That was absolutely amazing! I didn’t know we had a dance team that awesome,” junior history major Jackie Fox said.

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Cecelia Francisco

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