Messages in support of our troops

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March 20, 2003

Steph Mangold

“My friend John from high school is in the army and he was deployed in December. I feel for his parents because now they are constantly worrying about him.”
~Brandon Lawler, senior

“I am very supportive of my fiance Dan. I understand his reasoning for being in the military because he loves our country and I love and support him for that.”
~Karen Bonin, sophomore

“I want all of the soldiers overseas to know how much we appreciate what they are doing. Specifically Kate and Jason, my thoughts are with you and I can’t wait for you to get home.”
~Katie Hernson, junior

“My cousin Paul is in the army and he was deployed to the Persian Gulf. He told me he’s nervous, but he is excited because this is why he joined the army. I think of him everyday.”
~Liz Ritter, sophomore

“To my friends, Nealy, Chris, Devon and Kate: I pray for you every day and wish for your safety. I am proud to know you and proud that you are supporting us. God bless.”
~Katie Reing, senior

“To Kate Dilworth: I’ve never been more proud of any one person in my life. My thoughts and prayers are with you and those serving our country. Come home soon.”
~Ryan Mulloy, junior

“I miss my cousin’s boyfriend David. He is in the military and we haven’t seen him since he has gone overseas. All of the family loves, misses and supports him.”
~Kate Kempton, senior

“I am very proud of my brother Jimmy who is in the army. Even though he probably won’t be sent oversees anytime soon because he is still in training, he will be the future of our military intelligence.”
~Brian Fry, junior

“I have been good friends with my friend Jim for five years. I would be devastated if anything happened to him, but I understand he is fighting for a good cause. I am hoping he returns safely and soon.”
~Heather St.Amour, sophomore

“To my friends Katie Dilworth and Mike Joslin: I am very proud of both of you for serving your country so honorably. Kate, God is watching over you. Come home safely and soon. Mike, good luck and keep up the good work.”
~Alexis Strizziere, senior

“To Kate Dilworth: We grew up three blocks away from each other and never met until we went to Cabrini. When you return, we’ll hang out in the only place we can properly pronounce the slang of -Conshy.”
~Paul Williams, junior

“Dilworth, your pride in your position showed through even in class, so I know you’re shining where it matters. We love and miss you! To the rest of our troops, God bless.
~Shannon King, senior

“To all of our troops, I am praying for you and hope you come home safely. I thank you for all you are doing and respect your bravery.”
~Leanne Pantone, senior

“To my friend Kate: I look forward to you coming home so we can have our infamous chats.
To Josh: I look forward to you coming home so you and Debbie can live happily together for the rest of your lives.”
~Gina Roswell, senior

“Kate Dilworth, You are a brave person and I admire you a great deal. You’re in my prayers.”
~Lori Lonergan, senior

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