Mental fitness: seven steps to embrace

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September 27, 2007

This weeks Health Nut is the seven steps to mental fitness. Just as you can build your cardiovascular and muscle fitness, you can build mental fitness by embracing new ideas and behaviors.

Step one is to accept yourself. Learn to understand and accept your preferences, passions and needs. Don’t blame others for your problems and if you don’t like something about your life, admit it and do something about it.

Step two is to make your needs known. Express yourself and present your feelings without attacking others. If you have trouble expressing your feelings to others, try to learn some new ways to communicate. Remember, no one can read your mind.

Step three is to develop your potential. Make full use of your abilities and cultivate your personal interests. Try new and interesting things you have never done before. Make a pledge to improve your nutrition, get regular exercise and adequate sleep.

Step four is to plan for success. Emphasize what you do well, learn to value and build on your strengths. Take disappointment in stride because successful people learn from their mistakes.

Step five is to think positively. Embrace your good qualities and look ahead to a positive future. Believe that you have the power to transform a negative situation into a more satisfying experience.

Step six is to find ways to help others. Refocus some of your attention away from your own concerns and toward the needs of others. Volunteer for a community project, or help a person who is in need of companionship.

Step seven is to ask for help. Getting help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Sometimes it’s hard to admit that you can’t solve a problem yourself but successful people ask for and get help if they need it.

There are many offices right here on campus that are available for help, such as: Counseling Services at 610-902-8561, Health Services at 610-902-8531, The Center for Teaching and Learning at 610-902-8213 and Health and Wellness Education at 610-902-8316.

The Health Nut is a courtesy of Health Services.

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