Men’s tennis fights for position in PAC

By Christina Williams
April 1, 2004

Laura Giorlando

Over a period of four days the men’s tennis team has played three very important matches. Two of these matches have been PAC matchess to determine who will be the PAC champions and the other match showed the strength of the men’s tennis team.

The first of these three matches was significant because the men’s team played a team outside of their conference. The match took place on Saturday, March 27 against the University of Scranton on Cabrini’s courts.

The men’s tennis team did not win the match but this did not discourage the team in anyway. Instead the match was a positive force for the team because it showed them that they could compete with a team outside their conference.

The next two games that the tennis team played really determined their standings in the PAC. Basically the way the standings work in tennis is the team who is undefeated is the PAC champions. It is really important to win the matches because there are so few that are considered PAC matches.

The second match took place on Sunday, March 28 against Wesley College. The men’s team won this match and it was a big win for the team. Since, the team won on Sunday it put them in a good position for their next important match. It was this match that was to predict who would be the PAC champions for this season.

On Tuesday, March 30 the team played the most important PAC game of the season. Cabrini was facing the number one team Alvernia and a win would put them in first place in the PAC and practically clinch the championship spot.

However, there was an upsetting loss at Alvernia on Tuesday. The team did not manage to beat the number one Alvernia. However, this does not mean the end of the tennis season.

Sophomore, Jack Keller, a history major, who is the team’s assistant captain, said that in order to beat Alverinia the team would have had to win the doubles match. Keller also said, “Last year we were second and that we are just trying to get to the next level.”

There is no way for the tennis team to make PAC champs but the team’s spirits have not diminished. Junior, Mike Sofia, a Political Science major, who is the team’s captain, still has high hopes for the team.

Sofia said, “Personally as a junior and captain this year I feel this team has what it takes to rebound. We may not win the championship but we still have the rest of the season.”

Even Keller, thinks the team can still pull together. Keller said, “We work hard as a team and we try to do everything as a team.” There is still a large tournament the men’s team has yet to play. It still would not get them the title of PAC champions but give the team another chance to prove their strength.

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Christina Williams

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