Men’s lacrosse season has started

By Karen Schweizer
February 28, 2002

photo by Karen Schweizer

Orders reverberated off of the dirt, while ivory colored sticks cut through the crisp air. The players were running like maddened soldiers, their eyes focused on the movements of the white careening ball. The temperature was low but the players didn’t complain. “It’s worse for the coaches, Head Coach Steve Colfer said, “We have to stay in one place.”

The men’s lacrosse team is ready for the season after months of heavy training including their schedule of running laps to all of the campus exits, cardiovascular exercises and skill training. According to Colfer, this year, the team has both strong leaders and strong hopes for the season.

Lead by the quick captains Tom Lemieux, Adam Schaff and Brandon Lawler the team will be facing off with Western Maryland College on March 3. However the ultimate goal looms in the future. The team plans to fight for both the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference title and the NCAA championship this year, continuing the win in the PAC championship that they had last year.

They also plan to surprise critics. “Students who play here, play for the love of the sport,” said Colfer, “younger team members have brought new spirit to the game.” With the training that the team has been receiving, new players like the twenty-five new freshman team members should find themselves well equipped to play in the PAC. “We will never give up,” said Lou Verdecchio

Outside of the conference, critics’ prejudices have helped to further fuel players to score goals, throwing and catching like they are soldiers in a war. “Everyone outside the conference thinks that it’s a joke,” said Verdecchio, “but we have heart and that’s the most important part.”

The feeling was echoed from the coach as well as from many of the other players, because according to them, why else would someone get up in the early morning hours and run? Why else would dyeing your lacrosse stick matter? And why would anyone want to run in subzero temperatures, in shorts?

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Karen Schweizer

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