Men’s lacrosse over alumni

By Chris Jones
October 30, 2003

Pete Kulick

“The alumni tried hard, but in the end they knew they were going to lose,” Brian Felice, junior business administration major, said. The annual lacrosse alumni game was just a good old time between the present team of Cabrini and former players showing heart and competitiveness.

One alumni present was one of Cabrini’s current admissions counselors, Ryan Greer. When asked about Greer’s performance on the field, Felice said, “He’s good, but he’s getting old.” In fact, the current lacrosse team seemed to have that opinion when it comes to the alumni. “Towards the end of the game, we let the alumni get back into the game to add some drama, because the guys were way too old,” sophomore player Dave Barba said.

The alumni game was not all about competition and bashing each other. It also consisted of heart and commitment. “The guys come from all over. That shows dedication to the future of the team and that they are still involved with the program,” Tom Grosse, class of 2003, said.

Following the game, there was a tailgate gathering where current and former students and athletes spoke on a more personal level.

“It was good to see all the older players who were once in our positions and playing side by side. It was also great getting the chance to thank them for their dedication, commitment, and donations to our program.”

Amongst the 30 some odd alumni present, Kevin Camp, Adam Schaff, Mike Pape, Tom Grosse, and Brandon Lawler were present. Also competing for the alumni team was the all time leading point scorer, Tom Lemieux, class of 2002, who is one of the current assistant coaches. “I get to see the guys every day. It was a good time to play against the team I coach,” Lemieux said. At the game were a lot of parents and a good deal of students cheering on the teams.

This annual event of lacrosse rivalry brings a lot of advantages to the current players. “It was a great time for me because I met people I haven’t seen before and saw athletes I haven’t seen in a while,” Kevin Rayer, sophomore computer science major. said. “It was a great time because it gave the guys the opportunity to meet some alumni, not only for lacrosse purposes, but to talk about the future, and life after lacrosse,” Adam Schaff, class of 2002, said.

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Chris Jones

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