Men’s lacrosse changes season’s direction

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April 21, 2005

Shane Evans

Struggling to creep out of a losing ditch, the men’s lacrosse team was faced with yet another loss against Denison this past Sunday afternoon.

As the team maintained a leveled score throughout the majority of the game, the Cavaliers’ relentless efforts fell short of winning the game. The final buzz of the clock announced a close score of 10-7.

During the unfolding of the game, many uncalled fouls against Denison added to the frustration amongst players and spectators alike. On several occasions, flocks of angry spectators arose from their seats in an attempt to reason the somewhat inattentive referee, “What game are you watching? Wake-up!”

As the team struggled to keep composure, goalie Scott Bordignon, maintained a fierce defense against Denison’s opposing offense. Surely, added shots from the opposing team demonstrated a weaker defense, as the Cavaliers refrained from adequately “backing-up” their goalie. What’s going on guys?

This year’s team returns a strong core from a team last year that rose to a top 10 national rankings. Regardless of the presence of skill and technique, Cavaliers have yet to transcend their potentials out on the field.

According to an interview with senior Captain Brian Felice earlier in the season, the team showed little self-control, “I believe that we came in thinking that our talent alone would allow us to win. However, after our third loss, we finally realized that the only way we are going to win is if we play as a team. The leaders on the team are stepping up, and I expect only good things from here on out.”

Surely, the game against Denison showed much improvement in regards to the team’s enthusiasm and overall stature.

Nevertheless, moral was lost during the final 12 seconds of the game, as Denison buried a final, winning goal against a drained team of Cavaliers.

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