Men’s basketball tops Arcadia 54-47

By Kendall Neil
February 21, 2003

Meghan Franzese

The men’s basketball team improved their record to 16-7 overall and 11-3 in the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference on Wednesday, Feb. 12, when they took on the Knights of Arcadia University. The 54-47 victory moved the Cavs back into first place in the PAC.

The Cavs went into the game feeling confident that they would be able to beat the Knights as long as they “played smart and didn’t turn the ball over,” sophomore Dan Clemens said. “Arcadia plays really well at home.” The first half the score was kept considerably close. “We took too many 3’s [point shots] in the first half and when we got the ball down low, we were not finishing. That’s why the score was so close at halftime” Clemens said.

The second half of the game became even more exciting as the Knights came out fired up, seemingly prepared to offer the Cavs a loss in the PAC. As the gap between the score became closer and closer, the Cavs remained calm. “We could not really get nervous when the game got close because as soon as you get nervous, that’s when mistakes start happening,” said Clemens.

The Cavs remained composure as the game forged onward. However, some of the fans from both sides were growing somewhat anxious. Sophomore Jason Catalanotto said that he was surprised that the score even got as close as it did. “The last game was here at Cabrini and we blew them out. That seems to be the thing with Cabrini this season though. They play better at home than on the road,” Catalanotto said.

A senior fan from Arcadia, who chose to remain anonymous, had this to say, “I thought Cabrini’s experience would come out when it was crunch time and they would pull it out.”

Clemens was glad that there were fans who showed up to watch the Cavs do battle with the Knights, “Fans being at the games always help. We weren’t happy about the way we played, but a win is a win and we were happy about that.”

Kendall Neil

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