Men’s tennis eager to find their stride

By Jesse Gaunce
April 4, 2011

The Cabrini men’s tennis team has had a slow start to their season. Their overall record is 1-6 and they have lost four straight matches.

Their only win of the season so far was a 6-3 triumph over Arcadia University.

Last season, the Cavaliers finished with a 1-10 record overall and a 1-6 record in conference play. They did not qualify for the playoffs.

This season looks to be vastly different. The Cavaliers currently sit in sixth place in the CSAC conference, but the players believe in each other and the direction of the team itself. They are projected to make it to the conference playoffs this season and can hopefully make it to the NCAA tournament for the first time since the 2000-01 season.

“This year we are looking really strong, we are picked to finish 4th in the conference which will put us back in the playoffs and get some redemption for last season,” junior history major Walter Jesuncosky said.

Sophomore accounting major Patrick Stokes agrees

“ I have played for teams in the past but have never had as much fun as I do with the Cabrini squad,” Stokes said. “The practices are fun and we always know that we fought our best in each of our matches, win or lose”

If they were to make it to the big dance, it would be the fourth time in team history since their very first season in 1974-75.

Their last match resulted in a 9-0 loss to Marywood University on Saturday, April 2. Cabrini and Marywood have developed a strong dislike for each other. Think Red Sox-Yankees or Eagles-Cowboys.

“We really have a huge team rival with Marywood,” Jesuncosky said. “It’s simple we don’t like them and they don’t like us. It’s been going on for a few years now.

The Cavaliers have yet to play some of their biggest CSAC opponents such as Eastern, Keystone and so on. They believe that what they have gone through so far can result in bigger victories down the road against their future opponents and everyone, whether they play all the time or just sparingly, is just as important as the next person.

“From the number one position to the players used only in exhibition matches, we all feel equally a part of the team,” Stokes said.

“So far our season has been tough due to the fact that we have played really strong teams and within that we are hoping that it will prepare us for our main conference matches,” Jesuncosky said. “Nothing really affects the guys. They know that these matches will be tough and that they are there for more of a learning experience so that we can take it to teams like Keystone, GMC, and Baptist Bible.”

Jesuncosky describes the team as one for the ages.

“Probably the best part about being a part of the team is the team itself and that we have a great group of guys,” Jesuncosky said. “We have all formed a real strong bond; we are almost like brothers to each other. I think our tip to Hilton Head S.C. really brought everyone together. Personally I believe that we have one of the closest teams ever to come through Cabrini.”

As of March 20, junior accounting major Nathan Martin leads the Cavaliers with a 2-3 record in overall singles matches this season.

Junior marketing major Justin Lutteroty and Kenny Domeraski are undefeated in doubles matches with a record of 1-0. Right behind them are senior history major Joe Stafford and freshman criminology major John Giovanelli with a 1-1 record.

Jesuncosky owns the best career record in singles and doubles matches. He is 4-25 all-time in singles matches and 8-22 all-time in doubles matches. His best statistical season was in 2008 when he went 10-3 in singles matches and 7-7 in doubles matches.

These numbers are sure to improve over the course of the season and beyond.

“We have improved substantially over last year which makes us want to go out and fight for every point even more,” Stokes said. “Our coaches reminds us of our improvements but also stresses that we have a ways to go. To have such an outstanding coach along with a prodigious captain it is inevitable our motivation can only go up from here.”









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Jesse Gaunce

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