Meet new Dixon Center director

By Staff Writer
November 18, 2005

Matt Schill

Energetic; that’s how the new director of the Dixon Center described herself. Margaret Gill is the new director of the Dixon Center. Dr. Tony Verde, the former director of the Dixon Center, is now solely an associate professor of exercise science and health promotion after resigning from the director position.

Having only started at Cabrini College in October, the new director says that “it’s too early to say ‘here are the changes I would like to see in place.'” However, Gill says she would like to be part of the team that sees the Dixon Center grow. She said that she would like the intramural program compatible with other colleges the size of Cabrini College. Gill would also like the intramural programs to be safe and fun for students where they will come to relieve stress from studying.

According to Gill, she is in her part of her job where she is not only learning about her job but also assessing to see if any changes need to be done. Gill continued by saying that she has realized that every semester new student workers come in. She says she would like this to be done in an organized manner. Gill added that she would like students to be in charge of their work in a responsible way. “I hope it’s not wrong to say that,” Gill said, making sure she did not step on the wrong toes. According to Gill, she was interviewed by seven students who wanted to know in what directions they were going.

Gill says she plans to meet with the students to understand their job as well as to improve customer service. The director pointed out that the front desk attendants were the most important, as they are the first thing that customers see when they enter the building. The director was satisfied with the front desk attendants’ customer service. She says they got it right, especially with the smiles.

Margaret Gill brings 26 years of experience in the field of recreation. Gill has been working at the North East family YMCA fitness center in Philadelphia with the youth program. She also spent 21 years working in the department of defense’s recreation program. What Gill loves most about Cabrini College is that she is given permission to do her job. “My boss, Dr. Christine Lysionek, has provided me with the ‘tools’ and support as well as with the history of how the Dixon Center came to be,” Gill said.

Gill said she cares about the field of recreation and would like to spark that interest to students, if they one day get a job in the field of recreation or at a college like herself. Gill is thankful for the support that the former director, Verde, has given her. Gill is also grateful to everyone that has made her feel welcome. “Everyone stops by and says hello. They seem to notice that there is a new person,” Gill said.

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