Medical insurance an issue for college students

By Rosemarie Gonzalez
March 18, 2004

College students will be surprised when they are thrust into the real world and have to find health coverage.

Imagine living independently from parents or guardians and not having a full-time job because you are busy being a full-time student. Cabrini students have the opportunity to buy out the school’s insurance for $1,402. Some schools do not offer their students medical coverage plans.

“College-aged students are at a low risk for medical problems and the plan we offer is a bargain because they are covered for medical examinations and prescriptions,” Sue Fitzgerald, college nurse and coordinator of health services, said.

Graduating seniors who do not have jobs straight out of college are also feeling the wrath of being uninsured. They may be automatically cut off of their parents’ insurance the day that they walk down that aisle and receive their diplomas. For some it poses a problem, but some others would just like to find a job.

“From my understanding I am covered under my mom’s insurance at least until September, but I’m not as concerned about benefits right now because I’m more concerned about making some type of money so I can help out my mom,” senior Monica Green said.

Yet some others are fortunate enough to be covered well beyond their college years.

“I think that the maximum age coverage under my parents’ insurance is 25. I will have fewer expenses to worry about, as long as I don’t move out of my house. If I move out of my house I will be on my own. I would be paying,” junior Annette Musloski said.

More than likely, most students that are graduating will have a hard time finding a job that will offer them the health benefits that they are looking for. It all comes down to having some kind of luck.

“It is rare for a 22-year-old to get an entry-level job with benefits of the medical magnitude because the cost of health insurance has skyrocketed. Some employers cannot offer these kinds of benefits unless the employee is willing to have a deduction from their pay checks,” Fitzgerald said.

For more information regarding Cabrini insurance, contact health services at
x 8400.

For further information on the uninsured go to:

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Rosemarie Gonzalez

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