Media coverage in developing countries

By Staff Writer
May 4, 2006

I am at a point where I have decided that I will not read newspapers anymore. Most papers only tend to represent the voices of the masses. How will I then keep up with current events? Easy, I will get second hand information.

The above might be risky; getting second hand information from someone is not a good thing. I am just furious with some angles that journalists take when it comes to so called third world countries.

Developing countries get bad publicity from the media in the western hemisphere or the first world if you prefer. The media in developing countries tends to idolize countries in the western hemisphere.

It’s not a secret that most developing countries are very poor and that their many are suffering. However, I feel that people tend to neglect good things about developing countries. And most people simply believe what they read or watch on television without questioning.

Take the example of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s visit to Namibia. This is not a very rich country, but it’s not poverty stricken either. The couples’ visit to the country attracted media attention, but that attention was needed more desperately in other areas..

The issue of malaria popped up, as well as the location. The location, Swakopmund,Namibia’s resort town was also questioned. Swakopmund being near a desert, was labeled as not being a very good place for a Hollywood star.

A country should not be praised because a celebrity is visiting. I am all for objective journalism. I just feel that journalists in the western hemisphere do not care about get all the accurate information.

Developing countries are getting bad publicity. Countries in the western countries are being praised as the best places to live. Which in a way is true. But there are good things about developing countries too.

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Staff Writer

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