McElwain shoots, scores

By Katherine Brachelli
March 30, 2006

Inspiration is the only word that comes to my mind after hearing about Jason McElwain, the 16-year-old boy who suffers from autism and learning disabilities, and is now known throughout the country for sinking six three-point shots and one field goal in four minutes.

For three seasons, McElwain never played on his high school basketball team but rather acted as a motivator and team manager. McElwain was dedicated and never missed practice, doing whatever he was asked. On senior night, the coach gave him a uniform and told him to suit up. With four minutes left in the game and his team up by 20 points, Jason gets the call. His first shot was an air ball that missed the rim by a mile. Before anyone knew it, Jason ended up with 20 points in four minutes. Could this game have ended up any better for someone in McElwain’s position?

McElwain served as a motivator to his team, but I think he stands as an inspiration and motivator to people all over now.

The first time I saw and heard about McElwain’s actions on the court, I can honestly say that I was very touched. I was watching the news with a few of my sisters and the different emotions that filled the room were almost refreshing.

Instead of watching the news and hearing my sisters’ usual responses to what is on the news, such as “Oh, that’s so sad” or “What a shame,” I was shocked to see smiles and crying. McElwain’s efforts on the court that night must have made him feel great, but does he know how his determination served as inspiration to everyone?

Each time I watch McElwain’s story on television or read it in the paper it brings a smile to my face. I never get sick of hearing about McElwain’s success when he hit the court. His actions on the court were rightfully plastered all over the news, and it was the topic of conversation for everyone. McElwain serves as a constant reminder that anything is possible with his positive attitude and determination. I don’t think McElwain thought that he would have such an impact on people all across America.

It’s just amazing to think that McElwain had one opportunity on the basketball court after standing on the sidelines for so long, and he nailed his opportunity. I could watch McElwain’s performance a thousand times before I become tired of it. McElwain’s story is a story that Hollywood can only dream about creating.

Sometimes I almost wish that McElwain’s experience was a movie, so I could just pop it in whenever I wanted to watch it. The great part about McElwain’s basketball experience is that it isn’t a movie; it’s an event that won’t occur often and will be cherished by everyone.

McElwain’s story will always make me smile and warm my heart. This is one story I cannot, and will not, get enough of.

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Katherine Brachelli

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