McDonough makes it through

By Maria Chambers
December 6, 2001

Justine DiFilippo

Throughout her college career she gave her all to her classes, her friends and her love of the game: Field Hockey. Melissa McDonough has been playing Field Hockey since she was in seventh grade. On Cabrini’s team she played defense.

McDonough said the girls on her team were very supportive and a great group of friends. She was very dedicated to her team and she feels that playing a sport helped with her schoolwork. According to McDonough, “Playing a sport makes life more organized and helps with time management.” She also said that she often finds herself having more energy to do other things because of the involvement with Field Hockey.

McDonough played a short season this year due to an injury, but was glad to have played with her teammates. She said it was hard not playing while she knew the season was still going on, but she has other things to look forward to. McDonough does not plan on continuing her Field Hockey career after college, but is looking.

Maria Chambers

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