McCracken ‘set’ for fall

By Jennifer Davis
September 15, 2006

While many focused their attention on that fall fashion trend or the maintenance of that summer tan, Maria McCracken was preparing for her upcoming fall season of Cabrini College volleyball. These athletes were required to attend preseason camp, run in the off season and participate in spring training.

McCracken just entered her sophomore year and has traveled to Cabrini from East Norriton, Pa. Playing volleyball since she was 10 years old, McCracken established herself a varsity spot on her team at Kennedy-Kendrick high school.

Once school began, the volleyball season kicked off with practice from 5:30-8:00 p.m. during the week. Practices vary on the weekends with the game schedule. Volleyball coach, Patricia Arnold ensures that the athletes train hard at practice. Beginning with a 15-to-20 minute jog around the track, the team members stretch, exchange passes with a partner and practice drills. At the end of practice the players are given a challenge to meet while they scrimmage.

McCracken positions herself in the middle of the court, sporting the number 18, for all to see. McCracken believes in working hard and setting goals for herself. This hardworking athlete smiles and speaks only words of encouragement. “Hopefully, with such hard working, motivated team, we will be successful and win!”

Fortunately for McCracken, making the decision to pursue volleyball at Cabrini made her transition into college that much easier. The upper class teammates acted as a support system, providing advice for the upcoming year to come. Indeed, moving in a week early for preseason camp helped McCracken get a feel for the campus.

“With an entire 17-player squad, this team has the potential to be impact players this season,” Coach Arnold said. After graduating four seniors, the court is wide open for the returning players as well as the new. At the start of the new season, the Cabrini College team will continue to pursue their goals with hard work, enthusiasm and devotion.

Jennifer Davis

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