The anticipation rises after the release of MARVEL’s ‘Black Widow’ trailer

By Maria Lattanze
January 24, 2020

MARVEL’s “Black Widow” movie trailer has made its way to Cabrini University where students anticipate yet another amazing movie from the Avengers.  The trailer was released early December of 2019 and the movie will be released in May of 2020.

Scarlett Johannson stars in MARVEL’s “Black Widow”
Photo by Maria Lattanze

Scarlett Johansson stars as Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), one of the original six of the Avengers, and is known as a former Russian spy and a member of S.H.I.E.L.D.  She is trained in hand-to-hand combat and never cracks under pressure. She does not possess any super abilities such as the Hulk, Captain America or Thor, but can certainly keep up with the powerful black order such as Proxima Midnight (“Avengers: Infinity War”).  She comes from a troubled past that the audience has only seen snippets of in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and are hoping to see more in the new movie.

Die-hard fan and sophomore English and secondary education major Taylor Agnew is very excited about the new Avengers solo movie.  She is most excited about seeing more of Natasha’s past and was surprised when she saw the trailer for the first time.

Students at Cabrini University are excited about the new MARVEL movie.
Photo by Cabrini Flickr

“It was pretty excited,” Agnew said. “I was definitely surprised when her family was introduced because so much of her backstory is about being a loner. And the cast is stacked, I love Florence Pugh (Natasha’s sister) and David Harbour (The Red Guardian) so that was very exciting to see.”

Sophomore marketing major Taylor LaPergola is also excited about the cast for the new movie but is not as big as a fan as Agnew.  She is familiar with the franchise and is just as excited about the new solo movie.

“It looked intense,” LaPergola said. “There were gun scenes and there was a part when she said ‘sister.’ I thought that was cool.”

Now, “Black Widow” is the only second female in the MARVEL cinematic universe to have their own solo movie.  “Captain Marvel” was the first solo female movie.  Some fans have noticed and are going to see this movie for that sole purpose.

“I like that they are finally giving the woman her own movie,” LaPergola said.  “And that is probably the reason why I am going to go see it because of empowerment.”

Some MARVEL female superheroes have gotten their own Disney+ series rather than a movie.  Agnew was not thrilled with that decision.

“I am excited that Black Widow is getting a movie and not a Disney+ series,” Agnew said.

On another note, senior digital media and social media major Justin Barnes is excited to see the movie without regard to the feminist perspective.

MARVEL’s “Black Widow” will be released in May 2020.
Photo by Maria Lattanze

“I think it is great but at the same time, I see it as a movie,” Barnes said. “I mean ‘Captain Marvel’ was decent enough, and I enjoyed it when I viewed it as just a movie. A lot of people were freaking out that it was pursuing a feminist agenda and that kind of thing.  In a way it kind of was, but I just viewed it as a movie, I disregarded all that.”

Barnes is not only excited to learn more of Black Widow’s past but he is also looking forward to one of the main villains known as Taskmaster.  He has the ability to mimic anyone’s moves flawlessly just by looking at them.

“I am expecting it to be good like other MARVEL solo films, like ‘Iron man’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’,” Barnes said.  “Other than that I am looking forward to seeing different sides to Black Widow because we saw some parts of her past.  I kind of want to see those explored a little more like her training and her childhood because we do not know a whole lot about that.”

MARVEL’s “Black Widow” will be released in May of 2020.  To view the full movie trailer visit

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Maria Lattanze

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