Martha Stewart to head new reality show in March

By Diana Ashjian
February 10, 2005

Martha Stewart’s enterprise has not been fully hampered by her behind-iron-bars status. Stewart, who will be released next month from prison, will work with television producer Mark Burnett in creating “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart,” in which contestants have the opportunity to win a salary paid job of $250,000 with her “Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Corporation.” The show, which will actually be a spin-off of the successful “The Apprentice,” which features Donald Trump, is reported to begin in March of this year, according to CNN.

Government seeks tobacco money
The U.S. government was denied the $280 billion it summoned against the tobacco industry. The government claimed that tobacco marketed its products despite knowledge if the dangers and threats it imposed on the health of American citizens in an appeals court that remained in trial for many months. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that “the $280 billion is the most ever sought in a civil racketeering trial.” Tobacco has been banned in public places and scrutinized furiously in recent times by ex-smokers and anti-smokers all over the United States. The government can go as far as to appeal the $280 billion denial in the Supreme Court, but the tobacco industry has made it clear that it will firmly stand its ground in supporting its product, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

SEPTA and Rendell talk
A lawsuit has been filed against SEPTA by representatives of Philadelphia to prevent dare hikes and service cuts. The hearing is scheduled to take place on Feb. 23, and is sure to take into regard the $62 million that it would take to prevent such pending fare and service changes. The state’s governor, Ed Rendell, is trying to work with Philadelphia’s transportation system by postponing other highway projects, but SEPTA is claiming that is not enough. Transit fares will most likely see $3 cash fares and $2 token fares, which would reportedly be the nation’s highest. Also, transit routes could be suspended and slashed considerably during the week and entirely on the weekend. However, worst-case scenario for SEPTA workers and commuters would be a complete termination of all operations if a resolution is not found, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Bush gives state of the union
President George W. Bush gave his state of the union speech on Wednesday, Feb. 2. Introduced were a “Clear Skies” legislation advocating a safer environment, encouragement to make health care more affordable to all Americans, an updated immigration system with fairer standards for all involved, a constitutional amendment that would, “protect the institution of marriage” against same-sex marriage, as week as an amendment that will prevent the scientific development of human embryos for research and surgical purposes. More notably, though, was momentum geared toward acceptance of a new form of social security from one that is reflective of the 20th centuries’, “New Deal,” to a more “individual” plan of retirement funding named “Ownership Society.” Also mentioned by Bush was talk of eradicating terror in and around the Middle East, most specifically in Iran, with the hope of peace, according to MSNBC.

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Diana Ashjian

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