Marathon runners go the extra mile

By Elyssa McFadden
December 3, 2004


Thousands of people filled the streets of New York City to support those running in the 26-mile marathon on Sunday, Nov. 7. The participants started in Staten Island and ended in Central Park.

There were approximately 35,000 people running in this event, and some were even dressed up to get a laugh out of the crowd. Watching from the 14th mile, the runners looked like they had just started. Their energy was amazing.

One person was dressed in a Scooby-doo costume. It was a hot day to begin with, and wearing this costume and running in this event was unimaginable. Another person was dressed as batman, wearing his shorts, a cape and a batman mask. The costumes were very amusing.

I’m not exactly sure what motivates a person to run in a marathon, and I am very shocked that 35,000 people volunteer to do it. I would have a better understanding if it was for a certain cause, but many of the runners just do it for personal goals. Either way, I have a lot of respect for those who were involved in the marathon.

There is one person in particular that is admired by many, including myself. I didn’t see it first hand, but was told by a friend who saw it on the news that morning. The story was about a woman suffering from multiple sclerosis who took part in the marathon.

This woman started three hours before the rest of the participants and was expected to finish Monday morning. This was an incredible task for anyone to accomplish, but someone with a disorder in which they need to use a walker was just astonishing.

Here I am just a bystander in the crowds, watching as thousands strive to reach there goals. At the same time, there is a woman out there with a deadly disorder, succeeding in something that many healthy young people wouldn’t even attempt. This woman has been an inspiration to people everywhere.

Being at the marathon was a great experience, and being able to walk in the middle of the city streets without having to worry about being run over by a taxi was even better. If I have the opportunity to go to the marathon again, I will.

Posted to the web by Shawn Rice

Elyssa McFadden

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