Many candidates for gubernatorial race

By Eugene Iacovelli
January 31, 2002

The 2002 gubernatorial race for Pennsylvania is underway. Quite a few candidates have announced their bid for Pennsylvania’s top political office. Many of the candidates agree with one issue, economic decline. Within the past year, Pennsylvania has suffered the tragedy of thousands losing their jobs throughout the state due to a slumping economy. Two of the candidates that agree on the issue of the lack of employment are ex-Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell (D) and Mike Fisher (R).

Rendell (D) was known as the nation’s mayor, before Rudolf Giuliani was given such honor. With a high approval rating throughout his entire term, Rendell is often quoted remarking on his “dramatic improvement” of Philadelphia. True, Rendell has improved many of Philadelphia’s eyesores, but that does not explain for much of the city’s abandoned buildings, homes or vacant lots in the middle of center city.

Fisher (R) is now the acting attorney general of Pennsylvania and an ex-state senator and 1994 gubernatorial candidate.

Mark Schweiker, the acting Pennsylvania governor, will not be seeking reelection, but took over as governor following Tom Ridge’s appointment as Homeland Security Advisor.

Fisher vows to run using the same platform as ex- governor Tom Ridge, using concepts of moral values and helping out the “working man.”

Bob Casey Jr. (D) has a reputation for being an independent fiscal watchdog for taxpayers and an advocate for working families, children and older Pennsylvanians. Since 1997, Casey’s audits have saved taxpayers millions. He is the son of former governor Casey and has championed many of the same causes as his well known, yet deceased father. Though Casey is a young politician, he has developed a reputation for “yielding results.”

Running on the Libertarian ticket is Ken Krawchuck. A computer programmer with little political experience,who looks to tackle various issues. Krawchuck will be opposed to abortion, but runs on the adage that “a woman has the freedom to choose whether to give her child up for adoption.” He will be taking what is considered to be the liberal cause of drug law reformation. Krawchuck appears to be the only candidate that is opposed to drug laws that do not work. In a speech at Penn State’s campus, on Marijuana Appreciation Day, Krawchuck spoke about the unconstitutional practices that the government carries out when seizing someone caught even with a small amount of marijuana, which could be losing your personal possessions and any property owned.

Mike Morrill will be running for governor for the Green Party. The Green Party is known for its grassroots democracy, or that every human has a say. Out of all the candidates so far, Morrill has much more campaigning to do. Several of his key issues are the right to a clean environment, unemployment and a safer society.

As of now, the economy seems to be the primary issue among the candidates. Paul Bielecki, a junior that has expressed concern over the current state of employment, said, “I fear what the situation will be come time for graduation.”

Pa 2002 Primary Candidates

 Ed Rendell (D)
 Bob Casey, Jr. (D)
 Mike Fisher (R)
 Ken Krawchuck (L)
 Mike Morrill (G)

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Eugene Iacovelli

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