Many left devastated after sports canceled

By Evan Lynn
April 1, 2020

Flyers game. Photo by Evan Lynn

Fans of Philadelphia sports are often called passionate and loyal along with a plethora of derogatory descriptors. Sports are a huge part of family bonding in our region and something most people follow in some form.

When COVID-19 started to make its way through the country, the original plan was to allow the sports game to continue and to be televised with no audience in the stands. Quickly, the decision was scrapped when players started to test positive for COVID-19 and many sports from high school, colleges to national stage were canceled for the remainder of the season to help reduce the spread of this virus.

Many fans all over the country were outraged, but in typical Philadelphia fashion, our region was the loudest. Many fans expressed feeling devastated, but have been filling their time in various ways until their favorite team can play again.

“When I first heard all sports has been canceled I was devastated, especially with the NHL playoff coming up quickly and the Flyers where looking amazing and same with the Sixers, they were playing great,” James Harahan, freshman criminology major, said. “I have been watching a good amount of sports documentaries to fills the gap of sports.  I also have been watching NFL offseason.”

“In my family the sports fans are watching past years’ highlights, more movies and gaming,”Karen Becker, senior student accessibility specialist, said.

Eagles game. Photo by Evan Lynn

Many fans agree this was a smart move to pause sports for the well-being of country and believe some sports may even come back if all Americans band together to practice social distancing, washing their hands, and self isolating if they are sick to stop the spread.

“I am devastated that sports are canceled. However, it was the right thing to do,” Joseph Hamilton, junior finance major, said. “I believe baseball will resume in early to mid June. Basketball will try to resume in mid to late May. These are both contingent on if the United States can start to contain COVID-19.”

Some students also expressed upset about the effect COVID-19 has on college and high school sports because of the impact it has in the long run.

“My sister’s softball season was canceled due to the circumstances so I know she’s really sad about that because it was her junior year and she dominates on the field,” Keaghan Otto, freshmen, said. “My boyfriend’s little brother also plays baseball for his high school  and he can no longer play or have the chance to be on varsity. It also impacts my family because we loved watching my sister play and my boyfriend is also pretty upset because he also enjoyed watching his brother play especially in his first year of high school.”

Although sports are canceled for the foreseeable future and it has caused upset too many. Philly fans are taking it in stride and finding alternate ways to occupy their time. All are hoping this will only be a short term issue and not something that will extend into the summer and fall months.


Evan Lynn

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