Mansion plays host to black and white gala

By Robert Kallwass
November 29, 2007

Students elegantly swept through the mansion and onto the dance floor for Cabrini’s Black and White Gala on Saturday, Nov. 17. The dance went from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. and offered live music and dinner with dessert.

The cost of the dance was $5 and the tickets were purchased at the CAP board office in Jazzman’s.

Cabrini’s mansion had an addition built on the back entrance where students could dance on a dance floor which covered the grass. A heated tent supported the dance floor and tables surrounding it with a red punch fountain and flashing colored lights illuminating the ceiling and walls.

The mansion building itself had white cloth tables for dance goers to sit and enjoy the cheese and crackers and mini hot dogs.

An hour into the event, the caterers brought out bowls of multi-colored fruit including cut up strawberries and pineapples.

The beautifully arranged fruits were accompanied by trays of warm melted chocolate. A line formed fast as students heard the news and left the dance floor to eat the sweet smelling deserts.

In the foyer of the mansion, a photographer took pictures of couples and friends in front of the delicately decorated fireplace. An arrangement of candles were set up inside the fireplace, and dim lighting on the mantle above it. The photos were printed out in a short period of 10 minutes for the students to pick up and place in a cover slip decorated with Cabrini’s 50th anniversary logo.

Sophomore education major Christine Fox said, “I don’t understand why the photos were taken horizontally, they didn’t show any of the student’s nice dresses or the decorations in the fireplace. The pictures only showed the subjects from the chest up and cut out a lot of the decorations in the background.”

The set-up of the dance floor was unique since it was placed on the grass outside, an evident problem was that getting to the tables around it everyone had to cross on the grass, which was a little wet from earlier weather. Many of the women’s heel shoes got stuck into the soft dirt. Some women were seen walking around with their shoes in hand, and in some cases the men carried their dates across the grass to the dance floor or inside.

The outcome was good, the small space available was filled quickly as students rotated from the dance tent to the mansion hall. The space was well used, even the conference room next to the business office turned out to make a good coat room.

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Robert Kallwass

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