Malibu mansion and reality TV

By Renee DiPietro
April 4, 2002

He is single, successful and living in a beachfront Malibu mansion with various beautiful women who are “candidates” for his heart. After a couple of weeks he’s going to pop the big question to one of the women and they just might live happily-ever-after. I want to know who in the world buys into this junk!

Why is there such a category as reality TV? “The Bachelor” is what I am referring to, which is the newest show to this bunch of crap television.

At the end of episode one, the 25 beauties lined up and Alex, the bachelor, handed out 15 roses to the women who had made it to the next round. How romantic.

How real. Can I puke now or should I wait for a more moving episode? How could anyone ever find love in a conditioned environment with a time limit? It’s not as easy as picking your favorite color. This show is such a step backwards for mankind.

If this is reality, when do I get my show to find Mr. Right? When do you?

“The Bachelor,” “Fear Factor,” “Survivor” and all of the other corny hand-and-hand reality shows are not real. Yummy undeveloped ducklings have never been my breakfast choice for the day and neither will fishing through a pile of maggots for chicken feet with my teeth. Once again, which step is evolution moving in?

Alright, I know, I sound a little crazy. I take some of it back now. These shows can be fun too. I guess “The Bachelor” is just not my favorite. I had a bone to pick with it. I’m done now. Like anything in the media, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. If you don’t agree with it, more power to you. Not everyone has to buy into trash TV; we all probably have had our own favorite reality show.

I watched the “Real World” and “Road Rules” on MTV when I was in high school. Now “The Osbournes” are the hit and nothing beats catching an episode of “Cribs” where you get a personal tour through a celebrity’s house.

So these reality shows do have their good sides. Some people are enjoying them, gossiping about them and laughing at them. I just wish they were presented for what they truly are- entertainment.

If you want to watch reality TV, turn on CNN.

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Renee DiPietro

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