Making the best of a bad situation

By Lori Iannella
October 31, 2002

Paul Williams

Woodcrest? You had to be kidding me. There is no way I was living in an all girls’ dorm. I somehow had to be reading the thing wrong, right?

No, I wasn’t, and neither were any of the other girls whose stomachs turned when they opened that Cabrini envelope. Woodcrest it was, and I didn’t know how.

After we called each other confirming what we already knew, like any freshman should do when heading off to college, we were determined to make the best of it, I mean we already the had matching comforters right?

So, moving day came and went; somehow triples of girls managed to fit their stuff uniquely in the two by two rooms. Now, several power failures later, rushes of cold showers because of no hot water, and numerous curfew/be-with-your-guest-at-all-times-even-when-they-need-to-go-to-the-bathroom because you may need to help them wipe when they are done rules, here we are, the girls of Woodcrest.

Yes, we complain and moan about the annoyances that happen day to day, and trust me they do happen day to day, but we manage to get through it. My hall alone consists of nine rooms, which means 24 girls, and one RA. That is simply how we get through it.

It’s not the two microwaves we have in our basement “lounge” downstairs, or the great Internet connection everyone has, nope none of that. The key to happiness here at Woodcrest, is the girls inside it. We make the lifestyle bearable.

Walking in the halls, we stop at the doors of other residents and yell over their music to see what is going on. We walk up and down the steps, past the cloud of smokers, saying our hi’s and goodbye’s.

After kicking a washing machine or two because of that person who never uses their laundry tag when you really need a washer, you get to know that friendly neighbor who goes down there and yanks the clothes out. Homesickness? How can you even think of that when you have temporary sisters going through your closets and borrowing clothes?

So yeah, the girls of Woodcrest manage just as every other resident that was once in the all girls’ dorm did. We make it home; we even catch ourselves referring to it as just that.

Now, I wouldn’t trade my room in Woodcrest for any Xavier one, at least we haven’t gotten our visitation rights taken away yet. Woodcrest is our home-away-from-home and we get by, yeah there are changes we would make, things we would improve or rules we would get rid of, but all and all we are still smiling.

I mean what better way to end a day then the famous “Thank you and Goodnight” you receive from Mr. Scattergood when you walk through those Woodcrest doors late in the early morning? Yeah, Woodcrest may have a kink or two, but it is what’s in the inside that counts, right? And trust me those Cabrini girls inside definitely count for something.

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Lori Iannella

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