Making the most of spring break

By Micah Balobalo
March 1, 2023

Planning activities to do and places to go for spring break can help students recharge. Photo by Alexa Williams on Unsplash.
Planning activities to do and places to go for spring break can help students recharge. Photo by Alexa Williams on Unsplash.

During the semester, students find themselves overwhelmed with school, work, and extracurricular activities. Emily Slonecker, assistant professor of psychology, explained, “It is incredibly beneficial for students to get a chance to rest and reset. We know that students do better when they get proper sleep, are able to manage their stress, and taking a break.”

So, after weeks of dealing with classes and schoolwork, Cabrini students’ enjoy their spring break from Feb. 25 to March 5. Most have plans but some may not. Here are some places students can enjoy during their break with friends or families.

SoJo Spa Club

Many people enjoy the infinity pool at the SoJo spa club with a view of the Hudson river and the city. Photo by Micah Balobalo.

It is important for students to practice self-care to reduce the stress, burnout and enhance their health and well-being. Spa days can be a great activity for some alone time, or with friends.

“I’m interested in spas just ’cause they are therapeutic. Sometimes it’s good to get away from the stress and just relax,” Precious Balogun, junior public health major, said.

The SoJo Spa  Club is located in Edgewater, New Jersey and sits right on the Hudson River. The spa offers a great wellness experience as it was built to provide that sense of comfort, relaxation, and a rejuvenating feeling. The best part of the spa is how they incorporate spa cultures and treatments from different countries around the world.

Their facilities include nine specialty outdoor pools and therapeutic baths that are open all year round. They have eight saunas that are very different from each other, such as the Ganbanyoku sauna that provides a Japanese experience, a charcoal sauna, himalayan salt sauna, and many more.

The main attraction of the spa is the infinity pool that features a beautiful panoramic view of the water and the city.

American Dream 

The secret garden at American Dream is surrounded by greenery and a large fountain in the center that people enjoy looking at. Photo by Micah Balobalo.

American Dream is located at the Meadow Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey. They are the second largest mall in the United States with 3 million square feet. The unique aspect of the mall is the endless attractions suitable for all ages.

The mall has five floors and includes retail shopping with over 450 shops, dining opportunities, and services American Dream also holds an amusement park, water park, freshwater wave pool, ski hill, ice skating rink, mini golf, interactive 3-D street chalk exhibition, mirror maze and aquarium, all indoors, and an outdoor ferris wheel that views the Manhattan Skyline.

As you walk through the mall, there are areas that display large fountains, benches, greenery, sculptures, and a “secret garden.”

Museums in the City of Philadelphia

One of the many mosaic murals in the Philadelphia Magic Gardens. Photo by Micah Balobalo.

There are many museums and exhibits for people to visit and have fun in a world of art in the City of Philadelphia.

  • Museum of Illusions Philadelphia is located in the heart of Old City Philadelphia. This museum has more than 60 visual and educational exhibits that feature holograms, stereograms, optical illusions, and rooms that are designed to trick the minds of people. It was designed to provide a fascinating adventure as well as educating people on the mechanics of the illusions. They have a kaleidoscope exhibit, infinity mirror room and many more. 
  • Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is located on South Street. It is a walk through art gallery with work created by mosaic muralist Isaiah Zagar. People are welcome to look at and learn about both the outdoor and indoor galleries filled with sculptures, mosaic art and murals. Their artwork sets an inspiration of curiosity, self-expression and awe for people as they walk through.
  • Wonderspaces Philadelphia is located inside of Fashion District Philadelphia in Center City. It is a year-round art show that presents an evolving lineup of art in a fun way. They partner with artists from around the world to present these different showcases where visitors are encouraged to think, feel, observe and interact with the work.

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