Make the most of your ‘home away from home’ dorm room

By Vickie Papageorge
August 30, 2007

Jessica Hagerty/Sports Editor

Your first thoughts walking into the cramped dorm rooms at school are definitely going to be a little overwhelming and you may want to run out screaming at your first chance, but just stick around until you meet your roommate. After that experience you may be convinced to stay or run even faster out the door.

Next is the question how to accommodate yourself in the cramped four walls you have been assigned and to make it all your own. It is going to be your “home away from home” for a while. So find out how to make it look awesome.

The space is definitely limited in the beginning and the thought of fitting all of your belongings may be a little overwhelming but it will all fit with careful organization and some really smart folding tactics. You will most likely become an expert at using small spaces wisely.

Girls can get pretty creative and make the dorm room look pretty awesome. You can pick out the colors and match your things with your roommate. It gives you some time to spend with your roommate and get to know her. Finding great designs and colors for dorm rooms is really easy at stores at like Bed Bath and Beyond, Target and even Walmart. You will be able to find great comforter and sheet sets, organizers in bright colors, tapestries to decorate the walls and other organization materials.

Plastic organizers to put your extra clothing, books, or other materials can be useful because the small closets and limited drawer space provides insufficient room for all of your belongings. Door hangers for jackets, book bags, bath robes and other things are a great accessory as well. Buy hangers in bulk, you’ll probably need them. Laundry holders are going to be a big necessity unless you don’t mind huge piles of dirty clothes all over the floor.

For the guys, you’re going to need more than a sheet, a toothbrush, and your XBOX but I hope you remembered that. If you attend the poster sale which should be around the beginning of the semester in Jazzman’s Caf

Vickie Papageorge

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