Mailman has found niche

By Staff Writer
October 23, 2003

Alissa Smith

Wearing a light-blue jacket with his first name stitched on it, Tim Serbin runs the mailroom as its manager. The decision to work at Cabrini in its mailroom was an easy one because it gave Serbin the opportunity to work better hours.

Serbin’s previous job did not give him the opportunity to see his family since he worked the late shift hours. Working at Cabrini’s mailroom for his third year now, Serbin is sure he made the right choice to switch jobs.

Serbin enjoys the environment of Cabrini but is frustrated when students are irresponsible in the retrieval of their mail. A mailbox that is filled and has not been opened from the beginning of the year is a pet peeve of Serbin.

In a job where the mail keeps coming, it can be understood why it is irritating to find mailboxes filled to the brink.

Serbin is a man who wants to get the job done well and efficiently so he can make his way home. Although Serbin is an easy-going guy, he does expect his employees to leave the shenanigans behind so they can get to work.

Serbin routinely picks up the mail for Cabrini students from the post office. He is quick to point out that the post office jokes, “you again.”

Just as any other job, Serbin experiences his ups and downs in the mailroom. Serbin believes he has found a great job with good hours.

Serbin is preparing his daughter, a junior in high school, for her SATs. He now can see his family for more than a few minutes during the week because of his job in the mailroom.

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Staff Writer

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