Magic diet pill: No thank you!

By Brittany Lavin
October 18, 2007

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new diet pill known as alli. Alli is the first FDA approved nonprescription diet pill, which means it can be bought over the counter.

As someone who has tried various types of weight loss methods, I can’t help but be a little curious about this “magic diet pill.”

According to, the official website of the diet pill, alli is more than just a diet pill- it is a weight loss program. The website states that the pill works by preventing a person’s body from absorbing the fat they eat and helps them lose 50 percent more weight than just dieting alone.

It also states that the pill is supposed to be used in conjunction with exercise and a low-fat diet. This is because the pill itself does not do anything for the fat already on your body. The only way the pill will work is if you eat healthy and exercise.

The website also offers “myalliplan,” which is a program that users can utilize online for support and feedback.

As I said before, I have tried many weight loss methods such as Weight Watchers and LA Weight Loss. However, I have yet to try actual diet pills because I have been weary of the side effects they may have. Alli is no exception.

According to the official site and the FDA, the side effects of alli depend upon the amount of fat that is consumed while taking the capsules. These effects include frequent bowel habits such as gas, oily spotting and loose stools. Perhaps the worst effect is that it is difficult for a person on alli to control these bowel habits.

With this in mind, I can’t help but wonder why the FDA would approve alli for nonprescription sale of they knew it had these effects. I very much doubt any user would appreciate having to worry about “having an accident” in the middle of the day due to their diet pill.

Besides the side effects, I think the reason I wouldn’t try alli or any other diet pill is because of the potential for abuse and addiction. With so many overweight people in this country, I think that most of them would jump at the chance to try alli and lose weight as quickly as possible.

Today we are living in a never-ending cycle of weight loss trends and though I can understand why people would want to try alli, it is not for me.

Brittany Lavin

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