Macbook for $800: fact or fiction

By Christine Adolf
October 23, 2008

Shannon Keough

There is a rumor flying around in the technology world that Apple could possibly be releasing a new line of Macbooks with a price, less than the normal, around $800 for a baseline model.

The new laptops could also range to $3,100 if you buy a laptop that is filled with more technology.

If the rumors are true, this will mark the first time an Apple laptop will be below the price of $1,000.

With the $300 difference from the cheapest Macbook now, this new laptop line will appeal to the users that need a laptop but can only afford so much with the financial crisis we are in.

The new laptop line will include a longer life battery, a new graphics chip, aluminum frame, LED back lit glossy displays and button-less multi-touch glass track pads.

The new features allow for a faster, effortless use of a laptop. Even though the laptop seems durable and useful in many ways, what does it really have to offer?

It is still just another laptop, isn’t it? Macs do offer a variety of programs for someone who likes to be creative, but it is technologically advanced as well.

If you are not really technologically advanced, a Mac would be harder to understand in my opinion. Even being a communication major, I dislike Macs with a passion.

Besides being complicated, Macs are highly over rated.

I have an HP laptop that I use here at school and I have a regular PC at home, and I can still use the same programs that run on a Mac on my PC.

I can edit video with Adobe Premiere and I can Photoshop my pictures just the same on my HP laptop.

I do not think I will ever understand what the big deal is about a Mac and what it has to offer. I will stick to my HP laptop that I love that still does everything I need it to do, even as communication major.

And not to burst your bubble, but on Tuesday, the new line of Macbook laptops were released by Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder, and there was not an $800 laptop presented in the line. Just a laptop for a low price of $999 was introduced.

Therefore, the rumor has been settled and there is not an Apple laptop that will sell for $800. Maybe in the future.

Christine Adolf

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