Mac and PC, bitter enemies or best friends?

By Patrick McGowan
December 1, 2006

For years, Windows has dominated the computer industry, but now the Mac is wrestling its way to the top. The main reason for this is because Apple, the company that owns the Mac, has taken advantage of new technologies. With these new technologies Mac has opened a whole new ballpark.

Many still use the Windows operating system and wonder what makes the Mac operating system so different. The Mac OS has a better security system, having just three known viruses, and also offers a built-in firewall.

Macs are easy to use and learn, making them great for small business. Windows, however, provides industry-specific programs that are not available on the Mac.

Mac also has a new feature called “Boot camp.” “Boot camp” allows someone with an intel dual processor to run both the Mac OS and Windows on their computer.

Jeff Batt, a senior graphic design major, has experience with both Mac and PC computers. Batt says that the Mac is more advanced than the PC. The new Intel dual processor is specifically made for Mac and Batt says that it “Blows everything in the PC market out of the water.”

Batt says that having “Boot camp” is like having the best of both Mac and PC. Batt points out that although “Boot camp” is running two operating systems the Intel duel processor allows the Mac to run at normal speed.

Batt also says that the Mac lasts longer than the PC. Batt’s first Mac was from 1989 and it worked fine until 2003.

Another difference that Batt points out is that the Mac is ready to go from the box, unlike the PC. According to Batt, ordering a Mac is like ordering a Dell. When you order you can ask for specific hardware and software to be installed at the factory so you can work the moment you get your computer.

Although he likes Macs better, Batt says that “Macs and PCs are like apples and oranges.” Macs are better suited for artists and designers while PCs are better built for the business world.

Chemistry major Genicka Voltaire believes that changing to Mac will be difficult for some people. Voltaire says that most people grew up using Windows and the Mac OS is very different. Switching to the Mac OS means that a person will have to learn a new operating system.

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Patrick McGowan

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