Love it or hate it, reality tv is here to stay

By Christina Michaluk
October 11, 2007

Reality TV– some people love it, some people hate it. Personally, I think reality TV isn’t as popular as it once was. It isn’t as appealing.

There are plenty of reality TV shows out there and people seem to get drawn in again and again. I don’t think that reality shows are that great anymore.

I must admit that I occasionally watch reality television because there really isn’t anything else on at the moment. The one reality show that I couldn’t get enough of was the “Simple Life.”

I never really understood why I got into watching the “Simple Life.” Perhaps it was because I enjoyed watching princess Paris and Nicole run around doing actual work everyday. It was very humorous watching Paris and Nicole do some of the strangest jobs. The show became somewhat addicting because I wanted to see some of the crazy things they would get themselves into.

Most of the reality shows today look scripted. It’s not as fun to watch. People watch reality shows for different reasons. I wanted to watch the Simple Life because it was something out of the ordinary. Maybe that is why people liked the show “Survivor.” You normally wouldn’t have people having to fend for themselves without having a large amount of supplies with them.

Other reality television is more about winning a big prize in the end and watching each person scheme and manipulate until the final episode. Those types of reality television sometimes are occasionally interesting. Some people like to watch just to see who is stirring up trouble, but its definitely something I wouldn’t tune in to watch all the time.

The biggest draw to reality television is probably the young adults who watch shows such as “Laguna Beach,” “The Hills” and “The Real World.” People love to watch the drama that occurs in other people’s lives. Sometimes it’s nice to see other people having drama. As for me I’m over all of those types of reality shows.

Most types of reality shows seem to be way too scripted and fake so people tend to lose interest quickly. I would have to agree. Why would I want to watch something where I know exactly what is going to happen? Its not “reality” anymore, its just another television show who cast people who are “normal.” Your typical teenager does not look like the girls and guys from “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills.”

Reality TV will always be around and people will always be willing to watch it. A few years ago you couldn’t turn on the television without tuning into a frenzy of reality shows. In recent years the reality TV scene has declined greatly. In the end, I’m over the reality TV scene.

Christina Michaluk

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