Loved ones celebrate life of Jonathan ‘Jake’ Huber

By Staff Writer
September 26, 2002

Chris and Paula Huber

Junior Jonathan Huber, 21, better known as Jake to family and close friends, died in a motorcycle accident on Wednesday, Sept. 18. Huber was pursing a political science degree at Cabrini with plans to go on to law school before his untimely death.

As child at the age of five, his father, Chris Huber, gave him the nickname “The Great Negotiator.” “He always had to argue his reason why he should be able to do something,” he said. ” He was an all-around good kid. Everyone loved him.”

Huber’s outgoing personality allowed him to befriend almost anyone with whom he crossed paths. “He made it a point to get to know someone,” his mother, Paula Huber, said. “If he were to come over to your house and you weren’t there, he would sit down and talk to your parents or your brothers and sisters, or anyone who was there. He had to get to know everyone.”

David Batty, a childhood friend of Huber, delivered the eulogy at his funeral. “All it took was one day with Jake Huber and you would experience something different,” he said.

As an only child and grandchild, Huber spent his formative years in the presence of adults. Although born in Northeast Philadelphia, his family moved to Collingdale, Pa., where he attended elementary and junior high school. “We lived right behind the elementary school, so he didn’t have far to walk. We moved there because we knew he would be safe,” Chris Huber said.

Huber’s parents showed overwhelming support in their son’s interests. “I remember I bought him a hockey stick, no puck, just the stick, and he would run around swinging it all over the place,” his father said. Huber’s growing interest in the sport of hockey prompted his family to relocate to another school district. “He had dreamed of playing hockey. We decided to move into the Ridley Township district so that he could participate in their ice hockey program.”

Huber had the opportunity to travel to Canada to play hockey with his team from Ridley and also traveled oversees to Europe. These experiences demonstrate Huber’s perspective on life. “He looked at life as an adventure,” Batty said, as he spoke at Huber’s funeral. “No matter how far you were going, it was just around the corner to Jake.”

Huber began his college career at Penn State Delco, originally pursing a degree in the medical

field. His plans were deterred after becoming informed of the controversy involved with HMO plans and malpractice suits. Huber then directed his academic goals towards becoming a lawyer in order to help doctors with legal dilemmas. With his new career option, Huber would still be able to be involved in the medical field.

He transferred to Cabrini after completing two years at Penn State Delco. He was taking the maximum credit load in order to graduate on time, since some of his credits would not transfer. While carrying this credit load, Huber also worked nights at Philadelphia International Airport, where his mother is also employed.

Huber’s enthusiasm to help others was evident through his actions. “He was always there to lend a hand, give a ride or to just listen,” Batty said. “He was one of the most unselfish people I have ever known.”

“He was kind and loving,” Paula Huber said. “He was the guy-friend that girls go to when they are having relationship problems, and he would give them advice on what to do or not to do. He was good at getting people together when it seemed impossible.”

Huber recently proposed to Danielle Angelica, of the Poconos, in August. The two met through a mutual friend at Villanova and had been dating for the past couple of years. Although Angelica briefly lived with the Hubers, she returned to her home and maintained a long-distance relationship with Huber.

The Huber’s have been comforted by the outpouring of compassion from family, friends and those who have sent condolences to their family. “We feel like we should feel worse than we do, but people just won’t let us,” his father said. “People who didn’t know Jake, who were at the scene of the accident, came to the funeral to express their condolences.”

“Usually when a parent loses a child, of course they are going to talk about all the good things, but with Jake it’s all true,” his mother said.

“If there was a checklist at the hospital when you have a child, Jake was everything you want a child to be,” Chris Huber said. “He was a great person.”

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