‘LOST’ brings suspense and question

By Katie Clark
February 28, 2008

Are you lost in ABC’s hit series “Lost?” Season four begins with even more questions than what season three left us with. By now many probably have realized that this is and will be the situation with “Lost” until the final episode, when we can only hope that all of our questions will be answered.

The newest questions that have evolved after only three episodes were, for one the craziest of news, Sayid is working for Ben in the flash-forward. This then leads to the question of why is Ben off his precious island?

We have finally figured out 4 of the Oceanic 6, Kate, Jack, Sayid and Hurley, but who are the next two? Ben is off the island but is obviously not part of the Oceanic 6. We also found out that the “rescue team” isn’t here for the victims of the plane crash, since they were all suppose to be dead according to the news. We now know who exactly they are here for and that is the one and only Benjamin Linus.

So many theories have been floating around the web from fans that believe they have the whole mystery of the island figured out. I have tried numerous times to figure out my theory that would be able to answer all my questions, but every time I think I got it, something else raises a problem with my theory.

To start out, I truly believe there is in deed a Jacob who is in control of this island. Many fans are talking about how they believe Jacob is Christian Shephard, Jack’s father. This would explain the empty coffin and the close resemblance of Jacob and Jack’s father; however, this theory was not fully thought out since Jacob has been on the island way before Jack’s father even died. Also if Jacob is Shephard then why has he only talked to Ben and Locke, but not Jack?

I feel Jacob was one of the natives of the island who died, maybe the first of the natives or the creator, like a god. The writers always seem to compare Jacob to God in many ways, with using quotes like, “Jacob loves you like God use to love him.” Does this mean that Jacob is a “falling angel?”

There was many times where my friends and I have fought about if this island is purgatory and the survivors are really dead. This would explain why Mikhail will never die and how Richard never ages. This would also prove why no one on the island gets cancer. I felt very strongly on this theory for a while, until season four premiered.

We find out that people finally do get off this island and go back to the real world. The “rescue squad” finds the island and is very much alive and well. So since this theory has been thrown in the garbage, I think I have found a new way of believing in this show.

Let’s start out with Jack’s flash forward in the season 3 finale. Someone Kate and he know dies. Jack goes to the funeral where no one, not even family shows up. He asks Kate if she went, and she responds, “Why would I?” I truly believe that the person who dies in this flash-forward is Ben. This is because it is someone they both know. I believe Jack was as upset as he was because he believes the only way back on the island is through Ben. We find out through the flash-forwards of Hurley and Sayid that there are still people from the crash left on the island, in which Jack believes that he needs to save and bring home.

This then leads to the question why is Sayid working for Ben. In the third episode of season 4 we hear Ben talk about Sayid’s friends and their safety. I believe somehow Ben manipulated Sayid into working for him in exchange for bringing the other victims home. I think the people on Ben’s list for Sayid to kill off are part of the team who landed on the island in season 4. The evidence show when we see Naomi’s bracelet and that of the girl Sayid is on the date with. I think these people are apart of Dharma and they are after Ben because of him killing all of the Dharma researchers who were on the island when he was younger. This would explain why the “rescue team” is after Ben and why Sayid is working for him.

This is just some of my theories on the show. I could write a book, if I was to talk about all of them. Even through my own personal theory and that of what I heard, the ultimate question still remains. Where are these people and what is the story behind the island? It is just way to early to figure out what is going to happen in 2 and half more seasons, since every episode alone leaves you with at least 10 more questions.

Katie Clark

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