Loquitur gives ‘thanks’ for the fall semester

By Staff Writer
December 3, 2004

Although Thanksgiving has come and gone, it is still not too late for the Loquitur to provide their list of what we are thankful for at Cabrini. So without further ado please bow your heads and enjoy our Thanksgiving-gimmick editorial.

First, the Loquitur would like to give thanks to all our readers for continuing to support the paper even though it has been coming out on Fridays due to outside problems. That reminds us to remember to thank our deliverers for delaying our weekly paper. Keep up the great work!

We would like to give thanks to the College Republicans and the Student Democrats Association for their entertaining squabbles during the election season. If it weren’t for your bickering how could we have gotten through the presidential election?

There is much needed praise for CAP board for their successful Heads vs. Feds event. The program showed us there are more pressing issues out there besides things like the war and the economy.

Of course, how could we forget to thank the idiots involved in “redecorating” the SET building? The current design for the building did appear to be a little bit uncreative. Now Cabrini would be even more thankful if you honored them with your name for congratulatory purposes of course.

We give thanks to Harcum for housing the influx of students Cabrini had this year. What you say there are no students at Harcum and there was adequate housing this year then what was the problem? Oh, never mind!

Thanks to the Radnor Fire Department for responding to calls when on average they were fire-alarm pranks. Your service to this college is appreciated.

To Cabrini we thank you for posting all those warnings of terrorist threats at the Nazis rally. By scaring off all the Cabrini students, you killed the Loquitur’s chances of localizing the story for the paper. By the way nothing really dangerous happened.

The admiration we hold for the video team who edited together so many pieces for the Loquitur’s website. Sure at times we treated them like scum but we still feel they have been an important addition to the paper.

For all their efforts at Midnight Madness, we give thanks to the cheerleading and dance squads for entertaining us. May you continue to bless Cabrini with your cheers and dancing for many more years.

The Loquitur gives thanks to the women’s tennis team for winning Cabrini’s first championship in that sport. We know it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose but come on it does really matter.

Finally, thank you to all the Loquitur’s dedicated reporters and editors. The long hours of service you provide for the paper is greatly appreciated. Thank you to Cabrini for allowing us to report so many stories good and bad over the semester. Now let’s eat.

Posted to the web by Shawn Rice

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Staff Writer

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