Loquitur Dome: The Eternal Debate

By Jennifer Devereaux
February 15, 2001

Ah, the shore. Grab a couple of friends, hop in the car and drive roughly two-and-a-half hours only to reach your destination and be caught in chaos. Between Memorial and Labor Days, hundreds of thousands of people flock to the shore. The boardwalks are crowded, the traffic in the streets is like Center City, Philadelphia during rush hour and the beaches are just plain dirty. Moreover, there really isn’t that much to do. Yes, there are the arcades and the amusement park rides but personally, I haven’t been into that since I was in high school. Of course one can stroll up and down the boardwalk, but sooner or later they’re going to realize that they’re surrounded by teenagers scamming for the opposite sex.

I will admit that some of the shore points aren’t as bad as others. However, they get more and more crowded every year. When I go on vacation I don’t like to be immersed in what I was trying to avoid and that is stress. Personally, I find spending any amount of time in lines on my vacation to be stressful and nowadays, the lines are longer than ever. Yes, Jersey shore vacationers can go boating and do water sports but you can do those same things and more in the Poconos.

Let me paint a picture for you. You and a couple of friends hop in the car and drive roughly an hour and a half and arrive in the chaos-free Pocono Mountains. You rent a cozy little cabin (for a lot less than a shore house rental) and look out your window and realize that that you’re totally immersed in nature. You see deer, wild turkeys, hummingbirds and if you’re lucky, maybe even a bear. Memorial through Labor Day in the Pocono’s is spectacular. However, unlike the shore, it’s just as spectacular in the winter. During the winter months there is nothing to do at the shore. You can’t swim in the ocean, play water sports or go boating. The boardwalks feel like wind tunnels and hardly anything is open because many of the businesses close up shop for winter.

In the winter months, there is a wide array of things to do in the Pocono’s when it’s cold out. You can ski, snowboard, toboggan ride, ice skate, snowmobile, or just sit in a cozy lodge sipping hot chocolate while looking out at the beautiful scenery. There’s stuff to do even if you don’t like winter sports. Many of the ski resorts have indoor festivals during the winter months that have bands and exhibits.

One aspect about the Poconos that is especially great is the cost of things. Not only are room and cabin rentals inexpensive, so is most everything else. I admit, a day on the slopes can be a bit pricey but if you’re a frequent skier you can save a lot of money by owning your own skis. That way you avoid the rental price. Besides skiing, prices are reasonable. The restaurants are very affordable and the food at the ones I’ve been to has always been good. Not to mention, you’ll never have to wait for a table.

You might say, “Well, what about the beaches, does the Poconos even have any?” The answer is yes. There are lakeside beaches and you may not be able to surf at them but they’re clean and so is their water. I don’t even want to imagine what’s in the water at the Jersey shore. Although you can’t really surf, you can do other water activities like sail and water-ski. Look, I’m not saying that the shore is the worst place in the world. I do realize there may be a couple of things the shore offers that the Pocono’s doesn’t, however, in comparison, I think the Pocono’s is a far better vacation spot. There’s so much to do all year round that it would be difficult to get bored. Overall, it’s just a beautiful and fun place to go.

Tracey Timson

staff writer

Every summer you look for a release, a way to escape all the stresses of the past semester and even the past year. A way to forget that test you failed, the fight you had with your friend, and all the arguments with the business office about your college funding. There is a way to escape. Sun, sand and the ocean all in one place. This is a place well known to those of you who hate the winter. Forget about those skis and those winter sweaters. The mountains are not where you want to be. Pack up the swimsuits and shorts and head to the shore. Flip-Flops and suntan lotion will now become your favorite possessions.

Every summer many college students, including myself, hit the road and head on the summers adventure to the beloved shore. It is a place where everyone is your friend. There are a million things to do and yet you can still find time to relax by sitting on the beach and getting a tan. It is a chance to get away from the college campus. Every night is something new. I head to the beach every summer and still every summer brings new experiences. It seems as if every time we go to the shore there are more things to do. I have met more new people at the shore than any other place in my life.

There are stores lining the boardwalk and the side streets and outlets all over the place. From boardwalk fries to cotton candy; anything you could possibly want to eat is right at your fingertips. Not to mention the world famous salt-water taffy. Of course there are things like miniature golf and if your brave you can attempt surfing. Not to mention the boat rides and tours that are available for all the tourists. Instead of being couped up in a cabin while there is a snowstorm outside, you can be outside in the sun and on the water. If you’re a person who likes nothing else that I have said in this article try biking or rollerblading. The list of stuff to do goes on and on.

The nightlife is just as fun. Imagine the flashing lights coming from the amusement parks and the arcades. People walking up and down the boardwalk. Laughter. The sounds of the waves crashing against the shore. The sounds of boats far away. These are all familiar sounds to me. It is a place I love. It is a place where I feel time does not exist. One day roles into another and before you know it is time to leave. I always feel like I am so relaxed when I leave our beach vacation. I could sit and just listen to these sounds and feel more at home that I do in my own house. These are sounds I have heard since I was little. I can remember when I was little and seeing the signs for the beach on the way there. I would count the different signs until we pulled into our spot. Even then it was our release. A release from the daily stresses of life in today’s society. It was our perfect vacation spot.

I never could understand why people went towards cold weather for a vacation. It seems to me as if it is cold here all year long. A vacation to me is a getaway from the norm. I need a place where I can relax but not be bored at the same time. The shore has all this and more to offer. As a matter of fact I feel that sometimes it is overwhelming to see all there is to do at the beach. I think no matter what type of person you are you can find something to do. I feel as if the shore is a place for everyone, especially me. So if you’re at the shore this summer, see you there.

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Jennifer Devereaux

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