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By Paul Williams
September 5, 2002

If you visited www.theloqutur.com last year, the website was successful; however things are going to change to make the website more than just the paper reprinted online. For anyone new to Cabrini, or out of the loop, the online addition is updated on Wednesday nights. The regular in print addition arrives at Cabrini on Thursdays.

First, here are some features on the site that you may not have realized are on there. The site has message board forums where you can tell us what you think of the site, even if you think it sucks. If a writer spells your name wrong or happens to make a mistake with a detail of his or her story, you can address the writer with their name in the subject line. If you do not like the direction the paper is heading, if there is a story that we are missing, you can send a letter to the editor in the form of an email to loquitur@cabrini.edu. Please make sure this letter contains your name, phone number and a valid email address. If we have room for the letter, we will print it in the paper, as well as a copy of it being online.

Next, if you register with the site, not only will you be able to participate in the forums you will also be registered for the online updates. This way, as soon as the site has been placed online, you will get an email telling you that the site has been updated. The email will give you the headlines of the stories as clickable links that will take you to the story you want to read.

Next, there are special features that we plan to add to the site with extra help and time. This year, instead of just reading an A&E story about a band, you will be able to hear the band and their songs. If there is a live video of a band, a lecture or anything else that is video taped, it will be streamed from the site.

As with all things, they take time. We will get the new updates up as fast as we can, but the website staff prefers quality, as we are sure the users of the site do also.

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Paul Williams

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