Darryl Mace PH.D., long-time history/political science professor and department chair, departs from Cabrini

By Chris Schaller
December 10, 2021

The exodus of Cabrini faculty continues, this time affecting the history and political science departments. 

Cabrini University President, Donald Taylor, announced Dec. 1, Dr. Darryl Mace, chair of the history and political science departments, would be leaving to join Alvernia University as Vice President for Mission, Diversity and Inclusion.

He was supposed to teach classes in the spring at Cabrini. However, after this announcement dropped, he will be leaving the university once the fall semester is finished. 

 Mace has been with Cabrini since 2005 and has been an integral part of the university since his arrival. He has been a champion for diversity as he implemented strategic plans and initiatives within the Diversity Task Force, in which he was a founding member and co-chair.

Official announcement made by Dr. Mace on Twitter.
Photo by: Chris Schaller

With the passion to promote inclusivity in his work, he also led the way in establishing the Black Studies, American Studies, Gender and Body Studies, Latin American Studies, Religious Studies and Cultural Studies programs at the university. However, gender and body studies were amongst the majors cut last spring. The black and religious studies were demoted to minors in the process.

President of Black Student Union, Naiser Warren-Robinson, weighed in on the huge news that has swept the university. He was able to meet Mace while being a part of the black studies program.

“To pretty much sum it up, there wouldn’t have ever been a black studies program at Cabrini without Dr. Mace, as well as many other diversity initiatives that were put into place,” Warren-Robinson said. “The way he came up and made a change in almost every environment he stepped in is nothing short of inspiring, and I got a feel for that during the few times I got to speak with him during DEI meetings I had the pleasure of attending on behalf of BSU.”

Mace made his lectures relevant to daily life. Many of his former colleagues and students have praised this approach to teaching.

Geralyn Brown, social media co-chair of Black Student Union and junior business management major, agrees with these sentiments. 

“One of the teachers that actually stressed things in his teachings that were actually relevant to our experience and roots, as he spoke on the struggles that African American and minorities had to endure over American history. Taking his Spike Lee film course and being a black studies minor has shown me his immense creativity and dedication in his profession.” Brown said. 

One of Mace’s close colleagues, Joseph Fitzgerald, associate professor of history and political science, was saddened to hear that his friend would be leaving the university. However, Fitzgerald was glad that Mace would officially be in a DEI role at Alvernia, since much of his work at Cabrini focused on diversity education. 

Awareness of diversity has always been his biggest motivation. Photo from Cabrini University

“I was happy and sad at the same time. I’m happy that he’ll be officially in a DEI role because he’s essentially been doing this work here at Cabrini since 2005. At the same time, I’m sad that I’ll no longer be working directly with such a stellar professional, and one who always leads by example,” Fitzgerald said. “I’m losing such an important professional mentor; Dr. Mace assisted me in becoming the best professor I can be.”

Dr. Mace worked tirelessly and passionately at living out Cabrini’s social justice mission, and all of us–students, staff, faculty, administrators and the board of trustees–owe Dr. Mace a debt of gratitude because he showed us the path forward.” Fitzgerald said.

Dr.  James Hedtke, history and political science professor, expressed similar feelings on the departure of Mace. 

“It’s a happy and a sad moment. I’m happy for Dr. Mace because he can step into an administrative role for diversity and inclusion. It’s sad for the department to lose Dr. Mace and for the students. I would call it a happy-sad moment,” Hedtke said. “Dr. Mace is an excellent teacher, renowned scholar and a role model for his students and colleagues.”

Aside from his contributions at Cabrini, Mace is an accomplished author of many books.  Photo from Amazon.com

“One takeaway in all this is that Dr. Mace’s career trajectory has been one that he developed and it’s a textbook example of how someone can build the future they want to have, and one in which a person can do well by doing good. Students can learn from Dr. Mace’s example, and so can the rest of us,” Fitzgerald said. 

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Chris Schaller

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