Locked into the world of hypnotism

By Kendall Neil
February 5, 2004

Lauren Joseph

Saturday, Jan. 31 was a fun filled night for students at Cabrini when hypnotist/comedian Dale K performed some of his wacky antics for students in Grace Hall. The Campus Actvities and Programming Board ran the event. CAP board originally had Dale on the Shocktoberfest lineup, however bad weather kept him from getting to Cabrini according to Ashlee Lensmyer, one of the CAP members who helped organize the event.

“I enjoyed performing at Cabrini very much,” Dale K said. “Generally students love Dale K, which is why we brought him back many times,” Lensmyer said.

Volunteers scrambled to the chairs set up in the front of Grace Hall vying for a chance to get hypnotized. After a few warm up exercises, Dale K narrowed in on his core group of “victims.”

Dale K had the hypnotized locked into his words. Participants did everything from imagine being in a hot air balloon flying over a nudist colony to believing that they had a hot new convertible and waving to some attractive person standing on the corner. However, the highlight of the evening came when Craig Vagell, junior English and communication major, had superhero powers as “pornoman.” In order to get rid of a fire, Vagell was instructed to hump whatever was on fire. Dale K even had the students convinced that a Barney doll was telling them to shutup. Students vehemntly yelled back and even expressed their anger in other less vocal ways.

One particpant became quite angered as someone cell phone kept going off during the performance. However, they were unaware that the “cell phone” was actually someones shoe. The annoying caller was a vacuum salesperson who called numerous times during the show. When Dale K would question why she was in the middle of the audience, she became confused as she came out of her hypnotic state.”

The real test came at the very end of the night. Dale K instructed participants, while still under hypnosis, that they would not realize everything they had done until they walked outside. When participants awoke, they all thought the show was just beginning and the hypnosis had not worked. Vagell apologized to the audience and said they were going to move the event to New Res and try again. After coaxing from audience members, Vagell walked outside and after stopping dead in his tracks, turned around to face audience members awaiting his reaction.

Dale would like to thank Cabrini for “giving me the opportunity to perform,” and would also like to let students know he has his own website at www.dalek.com and has won numerous titles for his work such as “2001 APCA Performing Artist of the Year.”

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Kendall Neil

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