Local Trade Schools See Boost

By Staff Writer
December 4, 2003

Local trade schools are seeing a boost lately. Before, these schools meant beauty schools and auto mechanic institutes. In today’s career world they mean specialty schools, such as, guitar making, computer repair and medical assistant programs. There has been a 58 percent increase in trade schools so far because it’s helping students find what they’re looking for. Nancy Hutchison, Director of Cooperative Education and Career Services said, “From what I have read and heard locally many of these programs are thriving but one does need to be cautious when enrolling, and know what questions to ask before putting out 1000’s of dollars.”

The most recent programs that have seen an increased flux in enrollment are cosmetology and real estate. Heading down a decline have been programs dealing with travel. For several years because of a rocky stock market and low interest rates, the real estate business has been seen as a safe way of making a career. So far according to business trend analysts, these programs have risen 78 percent in the last year. These statistics are according to the Arizona Republic.

Other growing programs have been acupuncture and massage programs. Many owners of these health-related schools are saying it’s because, “consumers are demanding alternative health treatments.” One massage school has increased all the way to three schools now because the programs has, “emerged this occupation and probably a measure of the stress in the modern world,” according to Judy Hendrickson, who takes care of private career schools for the MHEC.

“Candidates need to investigate thoroughly each school or program checking for how long they’ve been in existence, licensing issues, graduate placement statistics,” Hutchison said. There are various career schools in the area of any student’s choice that they can pick from. Usually schools like this see revenue of $52 million in tuition alone, according to Judy Hendrickson. Students are looking to get their hands on something new and become “technologically savvy workers” in today’s rocky employment environment. What makes these programs appealing to students is the flexibility that is allowed. It helps them benefit in learning better without the rigid traditional education system or without having a to sacrifice family life or a job.

Hutchison went on to say, “It seems to me that many Community Colleges are also offering these type of programs either in the 2 yr. format or less, issuing a certificate upon completion. I know for a fact that DCCC has many and they are strong and very successful.” There are also plenty of resources as well that can help out with financial aide as well. Students participate in these programs to learn what their strengths really are and how they can use them in the everyday world. It’s helping them see that there are other options out there for them to learn and that their future is lost completely. Many people are turning to these programs because of the problems with unemployment our country has been facing. The programs offer an alternative form of working to help them along in something they may have not of even thought of trying.

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Staff Writer

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