Local band LOVEBOMB explodes

By Paul Williams
October 9, 2003

Ken Baumback

The musical explosion that emanated from the stage of Abilene’s on Thursday, Oct. 2, could only be described by one word that has no definition, LOVEBOMB.

LOVEBOMB took the stage at 12:30 a.m., and stole the show with a surging high-energy rock performance that capped off the night of rock with a final bang. “Lightning Rod,” the aptly titled opening tune, set the pace for a frenzied set with little time in between songs wasted. Just as “Lightning Rod” was about to lose juice, the band seamlessly kicked into “Love is Alive” and then directly into “Red-blooded American Male,” a LOVEBOMB classic.

A blonde hair, bare-chested Art Amici ferociously pounded at the skins of his drums, while Nate Malara smoothly grooved along on bass, rounding out the rhythm section of the band. An intent Andrew Fullerton, LOVEBOMB’s chief songwriter, strummed his guitar with conviction and intricate leads, as Matt Robinson powerfully belted out a variety of lyrics throughout the 11-song set.

Seven songs into the set, LOVEBOMB played a song, which is perhaps their most sing-a-long song to date. “More Than This” features Robinson repeating the chorus line “I can’t stop thinking there’s more than this,” which can be interpreted as a statement about where the band is right now.

The next song started to slow things down. “Springsteen Town” featured an entrancing bass line from Malara, and haunting guitar sound perfected by Fullerton and his overdrive pedal. Although the song is somewhat based on Drexel Hill, some of the lyrics could very well depict the streets that surround Abilene’s located on South Street next to Fat Tuesday’s. “Cops walk the beat, stop signs and one way streets.”

Picking up right where they left off before “Springsteen Town,” LOVEBOMB took it up several notches playing the song “Revelation,” where the band slowly builds starting with drums, then bass, followed by guitar, with Robinson introducing the members of the band to the crowd. After introducing himself, Robinson and LOVEBOMB play the song full throttle, until they reach the next song titled, “Another Week.”

This song displayed the thunderous drumming ability of Amici, which was emphasized by Robinson as his lips mouthed the words “bam, bam” each time Amici’s stick struck the snare. “Another Week” also features lyrics that are a kind of “day in the life” of the band. “I won’t make it far, I’m just an a-hole with a whammy bar!”

The raucous rocker, titled “Not Really” showcased what the band had done all night and was simply a showstopper. “Not Really” was a song that enthralled the audience from beginning to end with its sheer loudness, pounding grove and infectious melody.

As the cigarette smoke spiraled upwards and lights dimmed on South Street, the pounding hearts and ringing left in the ears of the audience that was departing belonged to the explosion that was and is LOVEBOMB.

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Paul Williams

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