Local band disagrees with anti-downloading lawsuit

By Staff Writer
October 2, 2003

Local rock band, LOVEBOMB, supports the fact that people can download music on-line unlike mainstream artists like Eminem and Dr. Dre.
“I don’t have a problem with people downloading our music,” Matt Robinson, lead singer of LOVEBOMB, said.
As we have heard, most people download music to burn their personal copy of the CD, and that is why mainstream artist along with big time labels are complaining about losing money on record sales. However, for upcoming bands like LOVEBOMB having their music on-line is a promotion technique. ” We pay MP3.com a yearly subscription to allow people to download our music. For us, it is definitely a positive having people download our music,” Matt commented,” Hopefully, they will hear our music on-line and want to find out more about LOVEBOMB and come to our shows.”
Although the majority of the time downloading music is illegal it is not true when downloading LOVEBOMB’s hits, ” Burning Out Again,” ” More Than This,” ” Springsteen Town,” ” She’s On the Run,” ” Want it Bad,” ” Red Blooded American Male,” ” Tin Man,” and “Sharks.”
When Matt, LOVEBOMB’s lead singer, was asked if students downloading their would help their career he responded, ” Yeah, most definitely. College students help spread our music greatly.”
Please believe Cabrini, we will be hearing and seeing more of LOVEBOMB on our campus. Matt mentioned, ” We are currently talking to people at Cabrini to do possible shows at Jazzman’s.”

To learn more about LOVEBOMB, you can visit them on-line at

Posted to the web by Ryan Norris.

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Staff Writer

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