Local leaders, Cabrini react to the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

By Victoria Giordano
July 20, 2022

Protesters outside the U.S. Supreme Court. Photo taken from BBC News
Protesters outside the U.S. Supreme Court. Photo taken from BBC News

On June 24, the United States of America reacted to the Supreme Court’s controversial decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

According to Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon of Pennsylvania, this act from the Supreme Court will bring a “devastating impact” on the country.

Protesters outside the U.S. Supreme Court. Photo taken from BBC News

“It will hurt women of all ages, transgender and non-binary individuals, family units of all shapes and sizes, and ultimately, entire communities,” Scanlon said.

“This decision will impact health care rights far beyond the decision of whether to terminate a pregnancy, including contraception, in vitro fertilization, and non-reproductive health care.”

The Supreme Court decision may have a major impact on universities, including Cabrini. With Cabrini’s diverse community full of different beliefs, President Helen G. Drinan affirmed that Cabrini is a Catholic institution committed “to the sanctity of all life” while welcoming all different types of faiths, cultures and backgrounds into the community.

Drinan said, “We pledge to honor those viewpoints with respect and compassion, allowing our students, as well as our faculty and staff, to be guided by their own conscience and sense of right and wrong, a key tenet of Catholic moral teaching.”

Guilherme Lopes, director of Campus Ministry, agrees with the university’s position. “My official comment is the University’s statement. The statement is one that reflects both the Cabrinian and Catholic values,” Lopes said.

Parents of fellow college students are also concerned for their daughters in this impactful decision. Danielle Centrello, a high school teacher and mother of a college student, said Roe v. Wade being overturned “is terrible and that it should’ve stayed the way it was.”

A news station shows a map of states that are keeping or getting rid of abortion after Roe v. Wade. Photo taken from CNN

“I think it’s very upsetting that things that our grandparents fought for a long time ago have been overturned,” Centrello said.

“Now we have to worry about abortions being done under unsanitary conditions and people traveling to get abortions.”

With the nation reacting to the Supreme Court’s decision, there are many concerns about women’s health.

“Like many of my constituents — and the majority of Americans who support our freedom to make our own decisions about our health and our bodies — I am worried,” Scanlon said.

“But I’m not giving up because the stakes are too high.”

“I’m worried about people getting themselves into dangerous situations,” Centrello said.

“I’m hoping that the Supreme Court will rethink their decision. A woman should have the right to what she wants to do with her body.”

Scanlon continued to state that Pennsylvania will keep abortion legal after the 24th week of pregnancy but will face challenges in regards to health care and increasingly limited resources.

Drinan said, “Cabrini’s Office of Mission, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Student Engagement (MDaS), located in Grace Hall, plans to strengthen our civic education, overall health education, programming, and resources.”

Faculty will also prepare to have conversations with students on the matter upon their return to school in the fall.

A woman making a poster in regards to Roe v. Wade. Photo taken from CNN

Centrello, however, worries about the lack of choices women now have.

“If a woman really wants an abortion, she’s going to find a way to have it,” Centrello said.

“Overturning Roe goes against the will of the American people, and we will fight back — in our legislatures and at the ballot box,” Scanlon said.

“We cannot let that happen. Congress must act immediately to protect abortion rights for all Americans.”

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Victoria Giordano

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